20 Greatest Southern Rock Songs!

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20 Greatest Southern Rock Songs.
With Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Outlaws, Charlie Daniels Band, .38 Special, Allman Brothers Band, Ram Jam, Elvin Bishop & Mickey Thomas, Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Dickey Betts Band, Sea Level.


musictubehead1 says:

BULLSHIT!!!! How can you leave out Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers?

km10nner says:

whers Blackfoot an Molly Hatchet

km10nner says:

Black Oak Arkansas

Ric Evans says:

You really need to listen to Sams jam by Stillwater.

vinobody says:

c’mon …zztop

DAVIb says:

Good collection but you really need to get a picture of the original MTB.
With Tommy! Thx for posting.

phillip bradshaw says:

how could you leave out highway song by blackfoot

Savanna Laren says:

Lovin’ it.

lefthandedcigs1 says:

Thank you

Blayne Marlo says:

Let’s just all agree that great Southern Rock is missing in todays music
scene.(Black Berry Smoke at least gets a nod) I am a guitar freak and just
loved all the guitar work that all these bands displayed. Modern music
today just does not have the soul & dedication all these bands worked for.
They didn’t do it for the $$$ thats’s for sure. The older I get, the more I
love this guitar oriented music!

TheCobbenEmpire says:

Where the heck is whipping post and the live version of free bird

Howard Ury says:

Where is Blackfoot?


Dreams I’ll never see from Molly Hatchet?

Possumlove says:

My only disappointment with this list is no Blackfoot or Molly Hatchet. No
“Train Train”, “Left Turn on a Red Light”, or “Highway Song”?. No “Bounty
Hunter”, “Flirting With Disaster”, or “Double Talker”?. Come on. Lol.

e says:

Why are all the Lynyrd Skynyrd pics of the current band?
All those songs were written by Ronnie Van Zant!

Diego Armenta says:

not bad …..I like it

Charlotte Wyatt says:

steve earle, black oak arkansas

jason thacker says:

sorry where was Molly Hatchet????

DavyD2605 says:

Nice mix, even a couple I never heard of. Thanx

JustMeNoOther says:

Great Songs! 

Aridane Alamo says:

Ain’t Creedence Clearwater Revival southern rock?

countrysamurai says:

Hmmm…I think Ram Jam has got no place in this line up. Not only are they
decidedly not Southern Rock…but they are not that good!

Now…where is Blackfoot or Molly Hatchet? Blackfoots Highway Song and
Reckless Abandoner (Though not popular) are two of the all time great Rock
Who is that large man with the white hair in the middle of most of the
Lynyrd Skynyrd pics? None other than Rickey Medlocke…Vocalist and Lead
Guitar of Blackfoot and original and present Guitar player for Skynyrd.
Then Molly Hatchet…Dreams I’ll Never See and Flirtin’ With Disaster…Hot

And even The Allman Brothers…Whippin’ Post or Melissa! Undeniably Great
worthy of mention…just sayin’

Cool list though…oops…what was I thinking? Where is ZZ Top?

EpiDemic117 says:

Southern rock kicks ass! 

lostcountmister says:

Green Grass and High Tides is my election for number 1 Something by the
Allman Brother is the only competition, maybe a live 16 minute version of
Jessica. 38 Special sucked out loud.

sjds51 says:

Fooled around and fell in love. Mickey Thomas AKA Elvin Bishop. Great
vid! Southern rock lives in my soul since 1967 when I first saw the Allmans
live. Went on to drum in bands for 27 years. Always looked for band members
that loved southern rock. They weren’t too hard to find.

bigfish454m says:


aj jackson says:

ram jam was good but I don’t think there country just my opinion

lostcountmister says:

Oh yeah, what about Gov’t Mule?

guimaraesfrs says:

What no Creedence?

john smith says:

some great songs

Paul Edgewater says:

No Molly Hatchet??

deicer1962 says:


bisp25 says:

wow somebody who does these lists actually heard of the atlanta rhythm
section. i thaught ronnie van zant was the only person from the south that
heard of them . since he said they were the greatest southern band ever.

Jon Howard says:

Not bad, missed some real biggies that should have been included over some
others, but impossible compile a list of only 20. 

Al . says:

Jessica is 1

14Truthteller says:

If You Want to Get to Heaven, You Gotta Raise Some Hell by the Ozark
Mountain Daredevils would be up there. Sweet Home Alabama? C’mon! Good list

Jerkface Killa says:

What, no ‘Southern Man’ or ‘Alabama’?

Cheryl Arndts says:

I would have thought Blackfoot’s Highway Song would have made the list,
definitely not two Ram Jams…who aren’t even southern rock.

Johnny Caretaker says:

Where was Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet and Pure Prairie League to name a
few ? Also, Ram Jam is from New York.

Joey Aderholt says:

I hate Tuesday’s Gone.

Tom LaPine says:

You called this Southern Rock…Elvin Bishop? I don’t care where he’s from
but he’s POP, Dickey Betts? who the heck is that?, same with Sea Level, You
should say YOUR greatest Southern Rock. No CCR? Blackfoot? Mountain? The

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