38 Special Back Where You Belong (Official)

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Stephen says:

Who is the girl in the video?

ThermoNuclear GR says:

Thanks Uncle

Alanna Mercredi says:

awesome concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob Billeaud says:

Yeah but it’s not the same without Jeff Carlisi.

Debbie says:

I agree with you. Jeff Carlisi is an amazing guitarist! Still, they are really strong after all these years.

Domesticloverfoever says:

hey who is the girl in this video

steven says:

they r laying at my fair on wednesday i am so siked

DV DODDS says:

Good to see .38 Special still out there rocking.

Chad Faul says:

Thanx for sharing. Professional rockers.

jimbobob07 says:

Looks like Hills Street Blues all over again…..

khabx6 says:

Oh man…Venice High School..class of ’86 Partying at Turtle Beach…Good
times with good friends…miss those days. They were the best.
Young..dumb..and full of …well..BUDWEISER! What else! Hey
TIFF!….member? K.C.? I can never forget you! Always in my thoughts…..KPH

E Re says:

I hear you all the way!!!……………….It is cause the PUKE music
industry does NOT want this music to come back!I believe they know full
well that this music(80’s and before) is BETTER,MORE TALENTED,More
Harmonious,Better Rhythm,but they don’t care!The music of today is a
disgrace to the whole concept of music!

rebelrecording says:

wonder…it says to be continued at the end.was it ever?

guins99 says:

I just saw these guys on AMC — they had roles in the hatfields vs mcCoys
— good stuff!

jprice561 says:

I met Don Barnes and the band at a wedding for a mutual friend in the
90’s… such a down to earth person you wouldn’t believe it…. the funny
part was listening to the wedding reception band play rock and roll and
standing next to Don Barnes having a drink…pretty cool !

aketchum08 says:

love this song

musiclvr1124 says:

Okay, so at the end of the video it says “To be continued…” Does anyone
know if it ever really was continued? Just wondering, lol

Mat21III says:

this is like the perfect 80s song

slinkygirlusa says:

sure brings back some memories 🙂

Paulie Eyes says:

One of the best 80’s videos and songs…All the South Philly shots are
authentic, right down to the Broad Street Subway (when those trains were
brand new) and the “Old Hickory” sign that you used to see crossing over
the W. Whitman Bridge heading into NJ that is clearly visible (long gone).
But the head cop’s Philly accent is horrible, I do not talk like that!

OFDPOS says:

That’s the whole point man, its Awesome 80’s music with the cheesy video’s
. Just set back and liston Bro !!!

ClassicRockVw says:

Fantastic song!Hard Forever!

newlondon100 says:

saw them with bret michaels and lynyrd skynyrd and they were great… miss
this kind of music. that was a HOT concert….

Mel I says:

I want this song back on the charts we’re it belongs!

Greg4fun says:

point of this video? haha

AndyGriffin69 says:

I like the whole HSB parody. Fun video.

Felipe Vieira da Silva says:

Muito legal o vídeo…

NuclearReaver59 says:

This is a parody of Hill Street Blues a TV show popular back in the 80’s

Allison Ikay says:

These guys would make great undercover cops because the all look like
convicts, but i love .38 Special.


Great song…stupid video.

krissy foy says:

now this takes me back where i belong

mattmorrow7777 says:

Classic vid. Love it.

Sasha Airesse says:

*Back Where You Belong* ♫ *38 Special*

Pamela Jones says:

I love this!

anthony monroe says:

I want to be somebody”s friend . 

Mike Croce says:

Video shot in philly. I remember the blue cop cars back in the day…I was
in the back seat them once or twice!

Rob Gleason says:

she has been fucked a lot of times

Randy Codanti says:

a cool hit 1

Héléna Douce says:

l ♥ ♥ ♥

Larree B says:

Great song, goofy video.

jim jackle says:

Reminds me of watching music videos on Saturday nights on wtbs night
tracks. We didn’t get mtv so we would watch this stupid shit on night
tracks. At the time, we didn’t think videos were stupid though, we’d stay
up all night watching them and afterwards you would feel as though you’d
been on an acid trip.

Paula Gray says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

michael chirelli says:

Unlike you Rob

Trish Taylor says:

This Song Is Just Too Cool For School~38 Special Rocks!! ~ :: ))

Every Hit Song Ever from A to Z! says:

“Back Where You Belong” by .38 Special was a #20 hit on the U.S. charts
back in 1984. #38Special #southernrock 

William Cecil says:

God is LOVE!LOVE is a divine gift not a REWARD!

jeffrey johnson says:

Can a brother get a ride back to the “80s?? Back where I belong. Know
what I mean vern? Seriously, I saw these guys in Jacksonville and at
PSU. Both concerts were incredible. What I remember the most is how
similar their songs in concert sounded to the radio. I also remember how
much better life was then.

Bunny Towne says:

Love the 80’s music.38 Special was a great group.

Lord of Light says:

Nothing beats good old Rock n Roll of the 80’s \♫//

okrajoe says:

Need you back where you belong — stuck in the 80s. Had this on cassette.

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