38 Special – Chain Lightning

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38 Special Chain Lightning

from their Special Forces album released in 1982


Stafngrimr Stewartson says:

Great song, nice video you did, thanks.

Bill Taylor says:

One of there best i think.

orlandoandsons says:


mark wilson says:

@genmac1 Thank you, i am happy you enjoy it 🙂

Mark Stevens says:

JUST AWESOME!! As a retired rock guitarist, who has been both on stage and
in several studios to record and now I am a recording producer, 38 Special
had two great gifts, talented musicians and phenomenal production value for

TheWestbrooke says:

WOW!!! What memories, I use to listen to this every night, smoking my last
cigarette before bed in the 10th grade. 1983. WOW!!!!!!!!

TheGto389 says:

awesome song forgot how great this was thanks!

diveguy6 says:

Ruined a perfectly good set of rockford fosgate speakers in my car with
that first clap of thunder…lol

osceolan says:

Southern Rock Rules!!

cyclonedrums says:

wooohoooo…38 fukin rocks yeah ….!!!!!!!!

InfoMan65 says:

yes I like southern Rock,But we have bigger fish to fry But there is a
great deception falling not only on America but the entire world.Check my
channel for some good info

Sean Kammer says:


Enrico Danelli says:

simply touching!!!! We love southern rock even in Italy!!

Larry R. says:

This song is so awesome! Just as amazing as the hit singles, or even
better. What was the name of the album this was on? I had it on vinyl but
then I lost it.

12wsatye says:

Whos the cat sitten in the chair ??? Is that Larry???

Ibleedwhiskey Planetone says:

Song is killer, but is mind blowing when you have it cranked to 10. Great
power chords.

12wsatye says:

Her eyes burned through me and mine stared back at her. And I recognized
the moment as i opened up her door, I knew I would regret it, Ive been
burned before.

Promises Southern says:

Chain Lighting born and bred in Georgia this song man is so freaking
awesome Georgia Blvd!!!! Love this freaking band!!!!

Chuck Strange says:

put down a lot of miles to this song.
Have some good memories to it, but also the one that cost me my smile.

Chuck Pickard says:

38 Special coming to Kokomo Indiana July 5th 2014 Foster Park

Everett Prescott says:

This is one of those songs that sticks with through life , some of the best
times I ever had was rocking to 38 Special .

Dennis Cox says:

Carlisi such an under-appreciated and awesome player. Back when songs were

Chuck Pickard says:

I remember listening to this song, looking into her eyes as we pulled into
the park that saturday night, 32 years later this song is as sweet as the
girl I married.

Epicpranking Roomies says:

One word, Awesomeness. This song is pure awesomeness.

kelvisparsley64 says:

Band pic is pre-Larry Junstrom, when they had Ken Lyons on bass. L-R: Jack
Grondin, Ken Lyons, Don Barnes, Jeff Carlisi, Steve Brookins, & Donnie Van

Joe Rodriguez says:

Good night folks 🙂 Going back to my roots – it’s that kind of night !
Have a good sleep everyone :)

Gregory Fraizer says:

I understand this is one of their favorite songs and they always perform it
at their concerts

michael rowshan says:

best southern rock song of all time…..that is all…

craigster1573 says:

God I love Don Barnes’ voice!!!!!

1HUFFMAN says:

My very 1st concert back in ’82 during my Jr. yr. I seen these dudes with
Eddie Money in Bristol Tn. They must have played this song for almost 10
minutes and 32 years later it is my humble opinion its the most under rated
song by an under rated band. TY for U/L this ! Have a good day peeps !

Jeff Gowsell says:

Now this is music!!! Not like the crap that today’s young generation listen
to these days they truly are deprived of true talent. Glad Im a 80’s baby!
My question who are the two Bieber freaks???? Thanks for posting Mark !!!

Alegna McClellan says:

My favorite 38 Special tune! Love this!

michael wright says:

K.C at the uptown theater they just about blew the roof off the place

brian turpin says:

its one of them songs that can grab you by the balls and say yea this is

Diane Marie says:

My First Concert @ The Worcestor Centrum was 12 i thing With Jefferson

Robert Baptista says:

Saw them in Cape Cod they warmed up for Heart they also blew them away. Way
back in the day

NoOneLikesGoogleFuckingPlus says:

Second from the right looks like jay leno.

lunajuan11 says:

Got love classic southern rock

june marie says:

thanks for the song, a long ago favorite.


What the hell ever happened to music like this? Real Rock.

paul paisano says:

Jeff Carlisi is SOOOOOO underrated as a songwriter/musician. One of MY MAIN
influences as a lead guitar player/songwriter. Amazing musician. Love Ya

coonie714 says:

I just saw them perform this Saturday night in Troy, Ohio… great show.
great song!

Cindy Hagerty-Larsen says:

My favorite song by 38 Special…. I can remember where I was at who I was
with the first time I heard this song along with the band 38 Special. I
love the entire CD or should I say cassette….. Thanks for the post Mark
– the only versions I was able to find were the live versions and could
never find the studio version…. You just made my day..

Thanks again,

jon jenkins says:

What a bad ass tune!! Real rock in roll right there.

Michelle Levasseur says:

Good night folks 🙂 Going back to my roots – it’s that kind of night !
Have a good sleep everyone :)

William Danks says:

Now thats some southern rock at its finest

GrooveDoctor77 says:

I do know the guitarist of 38 Special, Don Barnes was the lead vocalist on
many 38 Specials best songs….and really the primary songwriter of this
great band ….a very underated guitarist/vocalist/songwriter

emmersom73 says:

Thanks for posting! Couldn’t find this song on utube 2 yrs ago!

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