38 Special – Hold On Loosely

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Craig Massengale says:

38 Special – Hold On Loosely: http://youtu.be/vJtf7R_oVaw

ShaneRobertMoreland says:

better call saul

Maurine says:

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Di Nuovo says:

38 Special –
Hold On Loosely

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Valerie Reese says:


Warren says:

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Kasrith says:

“I know. I know it was you.”

Carlos says:

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Ink Black says:

Nice guitar pop.

Carew Martin says:

The score so far folks:13,276 thumbs up versus 292 thumbs down. 38 Special
wins the internet with a ratio of over 100 to 1 

mark wallace says:

38 Special – ” Hold On Loosely “

Luke Weenie says:

+MuteKiing Llama 

PD345 says:

I came here because my dad aka mr haut told me to

Bobby Smith says:

38 Special – Hold On Loosely: http://youtu.be/vJtf7R_oVaw

delana bongiovanni says:

you know about this .. 

jenella herring says:

I think it’s gonna be a 38 Special kinda ‘Friday’ for me.

“Just hold on loosely but don’t let go
If you cling too tightly
You’re gonna lose control
Your baby needs someone to believe in
And a whole lot of space to breathe in”

38 Special – Hold On Loosely

John Reynolds says:

One of those drummers looks like Artimus,,,,,?????

MICHAEL V. says:

38 Special – Hold On Loosely: http://youtu.be/vJtf7R_oVaw

Jorge says:

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ricky dziadek says:

Every time i hear this band memories come back i used to be there body
guard damn i feel old

Chiyo says:

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Barry Goldberg says:

Better call Saul, love it miss Breaking Bad that was good

Surgtech1125 says:

God damn this is a tune. They don’t make them like this anymore.

Gabyzinho says:

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electrixzoom says:

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Sacashi says:

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Broadfieldpoint says:

Very underated band…one of the best southern rock bands ever

BerrysJSRD says:

Nuthin but the best on that stage. Damn that is still good!!!

Luan says:

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Darwinian Blunder says:

Saw them at the Cow Palace in SF, playing with CDB and The Outlaws in the
80’s. Excellent. 

Jodi S says:

38 Special – Hold On Loosely: https://youtu.be/vJtf7R_oVaw

tchthsky says:

Good stuff. The best part is how they’re able to rapidly remove and change
clothing without skipping a beat.

Korinne M Jackman says:

One of my all time 80s faves…rock this day!

#wednesdayjam #musicbomb

Antonella says:

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Kevin Piland says:

Now I’m wondering why 38 Special has two drummers and two drumsets. It
usually takes one.

Antje says:

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Lavon says:

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Valerie Reese says:




Maryann Kuhns says:

Love this song!!!!!

Nelson Chua says:

one of the all-time best group with the best hits. Great fun walking down
memory lane…

Gertom Oberstep says:

Albuquerque, New Mexico, that’s where I’m headed…

devolve42 says:

The bridge is a masterpiece, somehow.

TheFloridaPappy says:

Sorry, that guy is not playing the lead at 2:55, or 4:00. Lame.

Sozdel says:

That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cotriibuntng.

John Holliday says:

38 Special – Hold On Loosely: http://youtu.be/vJtf7R_oVaw

panterizate says:

Here’s some wisdom for you guys: In the scene where Mike kills those dirty
cops he uses a…. 38 SPECIAL REVOLVER!

Samantha Church says:

*First, here is my favorite song by .38 Special.* Second, I just realized
that my selfies actually just serve as a record of times when I have felt
beautiful or good about myself. And that’s a great thing! I don’t know why
I ever feel guilty about posting them! :)

Shawn S says:

38 Special – Hold On Loosely: http://youtu.be/vJtf7R_oVaw

John Holliday says:

38 Special – Hold On Loosely: http://youtu.be/vJtf7R_oVaw

Ann Foushee says:

Great memories here! Saw them in Destin in mid 90’s and Nancy and I got,
shall we say, a little drunk. Okay, very drunk! We rushed the stage and
did not hold on loosely!! LOLLOL

John Holliday says:

38 Special – Hold On Loosely: http://youtu.be/vJtf7R_oVaw

dennis campbell says:

Unfortunately, they no longer make music like this.

GenevaRob72 says:

Anyone come here after watching “Better Call Saul”?

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