38 Special Live ’99 Full Concert

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38 Special Live at Sturgis 1999

1. Rockin’ into the Night
2. Twentieth Century Fox
3. Back Where You Belong
4. Wild Eyed Southern Boys
5. Fade to Blue
6. If I’d Been the One
7. Rebel to Rebel
8. Take ‘Em Out
9. Deja Voodoo
10. Fantasy Girl
11. Back to Paradise
12. Caught Up in You
13. Hold on Loonely
14. Back in the U.S.A.
15. Travellin’ Band


wench1100 says:

Awesome concert! Thanks so much for posting. I’m on my 3rd cd of this
show… I wore the other 2 out

Fred Capay says:

yeah !, old times 🙂

James Keyes says:

Most concerts kind of suck because the band doesn’t sound like the recorded
CD, but this is one band sounds just as good in person. Great music and
great entertainment. Thanks for downloading this. Ronnie would have been
proud of his little brother.

totallyfuzzy says:

nice one, thanks

pierre taulet says:

Great sound,,,amazing songs!!

pesetas66 says:

Holy cow thanks for posting this! Brings back memories…

sungodrah says:

Just always loved 38′,just a strong sounding band,let’s face it some bands
are amazing on record but live is a whole different animal.good concert,I
always thought they were a “two” drummer band,hmm…:)

masterdoug69 says:

James Keyes, the bands back in the 70’s and 80’s could all play live and
the concerts sounded like the albums. It wasn’t until the 90’s crap bands
came out that music went WAY backwards! I just saw these guys last year and
they continue to kick ass! True pros and a credit to rock and roll.

sungodrah says:

hey guys I noticed the setlist above is missing songs that are in this
concert,second chances,stone, cold believer,and uh no other night,just
trying to help..

John Blue says:

You’ve got shit for brains.

1962jbk says:

I totally agree. I saw them in ’79, then in the ’80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s.
They really are like fine wine….better with age!

agingsscm says:

had the time and watched it all, wow ! the sound quality was great ! great
performance .38 special is an awesome band!!!!!!

Brian Clarke says:

I’m not up on my 38 Special line-up knowledge. Is that the original singer
on Caught Up in You? Sounds quite a bit different these days if so.

John Blue says:

I saw them live too, and he does play. You should quit show people how
stupid you are.

Aleksander Kavčič says:
Aleksander Kavčič says:
rcarlisi63 says:

wow…..what an awesome band….and Don Barnes is a BEAST……..the sound
of .38

Eet Chit says:


Dave Bliss says:

Great band, Don Barnes has such a great guitar sound.

Rod Thomas says:

These guys are the real deal.. I saw them in concert a year ago, and they
are my favorite. I had no idea what a badass Don Barnes was… I just wish
I could have seen them in the 80’s…

Ronnie Clolinger says:

Thanks for sharing..awesome sound!!

Arthur Dealba says:

Tour De Force was my first album and I admit I was impressed!!

Uncle Tree's House says:

“I’m a stone cold believer!” in 38 Special ~
Never will I be stone cold – too cold to love these songs.
Never too stoned for Southern Rock ‘n Roll!

So let’s Chain Lightening, and get petrified tonight! 😉 Cheerz, Uncle

Edward Piekarski says:

Thanks for posting this. 38 is such a great band. Bad Ass Rock and Roll
with melody. So many great songs! So true about bands that can’t play
live. These guys are the real deal. Don Barnes is the most under-rated
guitarist in rock and roll history.

kennatiousc says:

cds don’t wear out. they can be damaged; but if you take care of them they
last forever.

Tommy Hazlewood says:

My all-time favorite band.

Broadfieldpoint says:

Man, these guys are SO under rated…..great song writing, great guitars.
Definitely one of the best southern rock bands of all time.

schithead7 says:

MISSED ………….

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