38 Special Second Chance Official

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Rock and Roll Strategy - Skynyrd.com

38 Special Second Chance (Official)

From Rock and Roll Strategy released in 1989 on A&M Records.

Second Chance was written by Max Carl, Jeff Carlisi and Cal Curtis.


sweetsultrysubmissive southern girl says:


Loren Dunk says:

Ever wish you could go back in time? Silly thought…..but still.

Tammy Bridenbeck says:
zaneyone1 says:

I saw them in concert on July 5th, 1986 in Lake Placid, NY with my best
friend and two of his friends. They were stationed at Plattsburgh, AFB, and
I was stationed at Dover AFB, DE. That was a great concert.

Richard Bennett says:

Don Barnes is a great singer

GB Hoyt says:

Like I said, My Favorite all-time song, and top band many great tunes-

sweetsultrysubmissive southern girl says:


Ricardo Morales says:

Esta si m gusta 

sherryberry65 says:

He sure makes a one-night stand sound appealing.

cliff smith says:

i hear ya sky

Jason Gomes says:

Great song from great band.

John Gold says:

Saw these guys numerous times live. Donnie Van Zant (guy in white) is
Ronnie Van Zant (lead singer Lynyrd Skynyrd)little brother.

kt1pl2 says:

I wish I could have seen these guys live. I was going to see them once but
we couldn’t organize a ride to Des Moines. I really love this band!!!

ShaneRobertMoreland says:

38 special is my shit!

Run Dev says:

Please God take me back to the 80’s.

lars viklund says:

Northern ligts mens Skandinavia,nice,

Jamie boyko says:

hi why I there 2 drummers in the band? they should of had one

bradsandburg says:

This band is timeless 

Shelley Pakarinen says:

Wish I could like this a hundred times

paulo sales says:

dope !

Lori Blunt says:

wait was it always Don Barnes?

Freddy Ramirez says:


Khaire Gilreath says:

Mullets, mullets everywhere

Jesus Lugo says:

Esta si m gusta 

Richard Bennett says:

cant wait to oct 2014 in wilmington de

Abid Hussain says:

Solo 2 is amazing, Jeff is on good form. Why don’t they play this live
anymore? Does anyone have a recording of a live version with an extended
solo 2?

Don Coyotewinds Higgens says:

Guess who I am ! love ya all.

cliff smith says:

I’m still waiting on my lil girl


I Love the opening 30 seconds. Love this!

Ricardo Morales says:

Que todos tengan un feliz dia.
Clasico de todos los tiempo

bwtucker2010 says:

My favorite 38 Special song.

Meg Mike says:

Another great 38 song. Transported back to 1986, bring back this music!!!!

kruaser123 says:

the perfect night to pop the question, “how about anal?”

michael czrx says:

Great guitar work by Jeff C and two drummers is simply badass.

Craig Massengale says:

38 Special – Like No Other Night: http://youtu.be/6T0ulHCb9VI

David Mott says:

One of the best LIVE bands ever!!!!


Dig This Song

Mad Fabe says:

Like No Other Night
38 Special


Scott Green says:

A super serious rock group. VanZant and 38 special.

klimber10001 says:

Wow, I always loved these guys and that voice… amazing.

Benoit Vanhees says:

Gosh, I was 20 when this record was released ! And believe it or not, I
still feel like that when listening to Strength by numbers ! How many
people can say this about their teenage idols ? And does it say something
about me or about 38 Special ?

Gary Goodson says:

One of, ALL TIME GREATEST Song’s ever witten and produced!!! PERIOD

Sky Grayson says:

38 Special – Like No Other Night:
Music is my time machine

Bunny Towne says:

LOve 38 Special they helped me in the 80’s when I went through a divorce
and met someone else.

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