Alkaline Trio – Southern Rock

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Artist: Alkaline Trio
Song: Southern Rock
Album: Goddamnit (1998)

Even more Trio!


I can’t believe my heart’s still pounding
I can’t believe how close I came
And meanwhile Heaven’s falling
The fallen angels flown away
And that’ll be me someday
With stolen wings and evil ways
Straight south with the keys to the pearly gates

Hard to believe my heart stopped pounding
Hard to believe I played this game
My worst nightmares became real
I got so scared that I forgot my name
And that’ll be me someday
With stolen wings and evil ways
Straight south with the keys to the pearly gates


Jerome Krammes says:

This song is so rad

George Workman says:

Thank you so much for uploading this and various other songs.

metal9535 says:

Ecclesiastes 1:9 “The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and
that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing
under the sun” [translation]: whatever someone does has been done before,
long before alkaline trio did it and long before them. so let the guy be
inspired by his favorite song. hell im writing a book as well and i got the
idea for it from dracula, and the song turn the page by bob seger.

Garrett Robbins says:

I am writing a book based on this song.

ThETHirDHoOk3r says:

@thekingofid How’s it coming lol Send me a copy!! lmao

jewishnazi78 says:

lame! come up with your own ideas

Taylor Calor says:

Damnesia was all remakes of their previous songs. Sooo

Garrett Robbins says:

@GUNITsoldieification I know what I think it is about.

Rascythe says:

0:57 – 1:22 = Playing Dead Space 2

KirkusMan31 says:

the acoustic songs kind of piss me off on this album.. they should of just
put it on their next album.. and kept this album punk pop.

abyssalspecter93 says:

I fucking LOVE this song, but I think the version on their self titled
compilation cd is much better due to the guitar tone and the more intense
yelling vocals in the chorus. This one still kicks major ass, though :DD

thepaintispeeling says:

@thekingofid I’d love to read that

KirkusMan31 says:

that bass is sexy!

BoringArcadez says:

Thanks sooooo much for the upload!

MrDouglasfr3sh says:

i just woke up in the icu at the hospital and the first thing i did was
reach for my phone and play this. the nurse smiled at me and asked “was
that alkaline trio?” its good to be alive

LazerRooster2 says:

Muchas gracias for uploading some Ak3 songs that weren’t yet on youtube.
You are now officially the man.

ramond baten says:

alkaline trio always does justice to music 8)

jungsbodyguard says:

This is my least favourite song on the album..and it’s still a great song.


@thekingofid :O I KNOW I MAY BE A RANDOM PERSON ONLINE, but if you ever get
to finishing the book half way or even just a page, may i read it? The plot
and idea sounds fascinating <:

Jay Arms says:

@TheFallchild336 you could not have said that any better lol

Jason Murillo says:

one of their most beautiful songs

persiandude6 says:

glen porter is just yelling from 2:20 until the end of the song, i wanna
know what he’s saying

LoverOfAll27 says:

that sounds amazing. I’d love to read it!

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