Allman Brothers 9-23-70 Fillmore East

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Allman Brothers Band Live Fillmore East 1970

Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed


alex gomez says:

Bill Graham at the Intro!!!

Kim Philby says:

The camera had a drinking problem, and
He had left his glasses at home

Zack Tallman says:

Duane is the best blues guitarist ever man… 

Hervé Bellay says:

In memory of Allman Bros . Great Band and great show . Hanks 

Bruce Silverman says:

Awesome….thanks for patching the vocals on “Dreams…I’ll Never See”, my
fav Gregg penned, Brothers song! Now you know why we die hard fans love
them so much. There are a lot of R&R bands out there, come and gone, but
NOBODY played like they did, nobody. They may have sold more records but
they weren’t this good. 

mat moi says:

Did Duane Allman just do some tapping on his guitar? O.O 33:02 

Zivko Grcic says:

no it doesn’t ever get old…all of this music maturity still in their early
twenties..just simply awesome.

Glen Smith says:


Jam-Art .Music says:


Amy Rae Schmersahl says:


Mike Shepherd says:

Just epic and vintage….2 thumbs way up!!

Lucy Fur says:


Charles Nill says:

Had no idea there was a film for this great music!
Oh joy!

bernie Mahoney says:

Incredible !!!

WickleinGroup says:

There are very few electric American ensembles that have created songs and
played together on stage at this level of musicianship. There is magic in

Chris Phillips says:

Duane Allman was missed as much as anyone.

scott masters says:

i love them hope you do 

MsLilyhorse says:

Monsters. Awesome.

Ronnie Armstrong says:

one of the greatest guitar players of all time, and you can’t even see what
he is playing.
what a shame. like a ghost to all of us who so admire him.

Tommy Haynes says:

In addition to all the other ways this band is awesome Greg has one of the
greatest voices in rock 

Joseph Gilroy says:

37 people gave this a Thumbs down??? Just more proof how f#@ked the world
is. why even watch it if u can’ even appreciate great music.

Michael Todd says:

Wow…Duane and Barry…Brothers forever. Got me teary eyed. The original
and best southern rock band. Enjoy this rare treat. 

audrey papke says:

jumpin’ johnny, butch trucks, barry oakley, dickie betts, greg and duane

Klaatu Barada-Nikto says:

great concert

windandkitesurfer says:

at 26:23 (during Whipping Post) there is a pretty egregious mistake where
someone (I’m guessing Dicky) is still playing the transition riff from the
lead into the 2nd verse. Gregg handles it perfect though – stops for a
second but immediately picks up and continues where he needed to be – right
on the beat – absolutely the mark of a professional!

RobPaul says:

OH baby. This is too great. Love it!

Frank H says:

Sweet Mother Fucker. I can die and go to Heaven now

Harry Coots says:

Ok, now I can go to bed. Allman Bro’s will carry me away. 

Quentin Cooper says:

I think these guys could have done with a ballsy front man (Like Phil
Lynnot) because they would have been one of the best backing bands of all

Moses Mo says:

Check out this video on YouTube: Music Monday Jam

Blake Norman says:

man thats some spooky stuff seeing Greg and Duane together. Freakin awesome

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