Allman Brothers At Fillmore East 1971 (HQ)

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Genuine classic rock n blues – The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East 1971 full set! Incredible concert. Listing below. This is often considered one of the greatest live albums ever recorded. It’s also their first live album and their third release overall.

[0:00:00] Statesboro Blues
[0:04:17] Trouble No More
[0:08:02] Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
[0:11:29] Done Somebody Wrong
[0:16:02] Stormy Monday
[0:24:52] One Way Out
[0:29:50] In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
[0:42:57] You Don’t Love Me
[1:02:16] Midnight Rider
[1:05:11] Hot ‘Lanta
[1:10:33] Whipping Post
[1:33:30] Mountain Jam
[2:07:08] Drunken Hearted Boy


Richard Cosmillo says:

The best rendition of Stormy Monday ever! Nobody did it better not Taj
Mahal the Allmans played with power, grace and originality.

1957whynot says:

First album I ever purchased! Did myself proud!

Mailen Fernandez says:

Dicen q es uno de los mejores discos de la historia del rock…. Exelente

Adriaan Kooman says:

History moments. I shoulda been there.



Regena Daunicht says:

I did miss this one~>

alexis sarafidis says:
pgbioengineer says:

Great post! Brings me back to my college days; you could hear this album
playing constantly in every dorm hall in 1972; I was a sophomore. It’s one
of those recordings that no matter how much it played it never got boring.
I’m still digging it 40 years later; its got to be one of the best live
albums ever. 

John Breedlove says:

I drank and partied to this record more than any other -for years and
years. Man, this isn’t just music, its pure southern vibe and real Earthy
blues. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed is so heavy. Cant beat it. 

Derek Tarrh says:

Duane made you cry and Dickey made you smile…

Ennio Savi says:

Awesome. The best rock-blues LP ever made.

Herb Tarlick says:

Best live album of all time and brings back so many memories. Some
who absolutely dig the AB will argue this but they will lose the argument
that the album cover isn’t the best ever. Who didn’t use to stick the
sewing pin through it to light the hash on, come on, admit it.

Jacek Działak says:
gt5boy says:


jon condupi says:

I hear all these lames talking about not listening to the allman brothers,
wow” like dude said what was you into? now cleveland we had a great
appreciation for quality music,yes indeed ” then again this is cleveland”

steve elliot says:

I always ignored Allman Brothers. Why, I haven’t a clue. I’m 65 and now
buying vinyl albums by them. Fantastic playing, fantastic music. What was I
thinking back in the 70’s?

clarksrusia says:

Today October 25,2014 the day the music died…..

Whiskey River says:

Allman Brothers for ya listening pleasure.

seek atree says:

43 years ago and it still gives me goosebumps. Yep, quite a rock n roll
band, then and forever !

Callofthevaffles says:

Mountain Jam was a wild ride start to finish. Longest song I’ve

M H Lee says:

Without a doubt, one of the best live albums EVER recorded. If this doesn’t
put your boogie shoes on, you ain’t got none !! Dam!, Kick out the Jams

Thundergod129 says:

Didn’t realize Midnight Rider was written way back when. Always thought it
was from Greg’s solo album that came way later….

pantheryou says:

this is grab a beer music. cold beer beginning of this recording = supper
man by the time it ends. prolly be wondering what makes duane so good?!
anybody can do that!! hahahah

esslar1 says:

Still, after so many, many years, it’s hard to deal with the death of
Duane. Listening to this album, it is staggering the kind of music these
guys could come up with.

Le Café Noir tasse says:

1971 Live at The Filmore East

Сергей Соколов says:

best guitar album !!!

Richie Edelman says:

Attended one of these Fillmore show’s as a 16 year old. The Allmans
weren’t the headliners, Johnny WInters band was. During our show Johnny sat
in with the Allmans and jammed in the background. Fillmore typically had
three bands on the bill, Elvin Bishop was the opener. I purchased the
tickets to this concert because I had read about Duane Allman’s sessions
with Eric Clapton (probably in Rolling Stone magazine). The biggest
surprise was when Dickey Betts took over solo’s, he impressed the crowd as
much as Duane did. BTW, the 2,600 seat Fillmore tickets was $3.50, $4.50
and $5.50. I had an afterschool job so always went the champagne route with
the $5.50 seats!

Trevor Hanhilammi says:

Why am I just listening to this for the first time right now? One of, if
not the best, live albums I have ever heard in my life!

Cody Baker says:

the reason the band is laughing. duane had ran down the rd, slipped in the
photo in the nick of time. bag of coke in hand.

N Morgan says:

I did miss this one~>

33Pictures says:

’72 Harley Ironhead AMAZING CUSTOM

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