Guitar Lesson Allman Brothers – Blue Sky

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shizyballer says:

that last jam just made me smile

oneindustries1 says:

thanks for this lesson marty. Give us some more allman brothers lessons
please. Maybe the long solo of this song.

PolishGman says:

first. great lessons like always

Mariano Montero Nieto says:

se agradeceria que hagais un cover completo de la cancion!!

mwillh says:

Jeepers! that was swell!!

Claudio Jara says:

man! it sounds beatifull… such a great song! the “sweet sound” is because
you use the mayor pentatonic scale???

AlexSuperTramp says:

This guy has amazing tone 😮

Stefanie Loges says:

Very nice, cant wait for part II 🙂

bobryanguitar says:

@dqami damn you might be on to something ha ha.. thanks bob

russ c says:

thats bob in 84 !! holy shit

dan5200 says:

awesome lesson guys! great job Marty.

Mike Johnson says:

Wow bob ryan is better at teaching than Marty’s brother know knows nothing
about teaching or guitar.

dafishguru says:

I`m actually not sure if that is a Fender. I`ve played an ESP that looked
and sounded a lot like that. However, it could just be a custom

ObiWanCannolii says:

Brother, that gave me goosebumps. I think you’re channeling Duane. As the
sound engineer says at the end of that song “Very good”. 😉

Manuel Borges says:

that was beautiful, can we please learn the rest?

Jak Refneb says:

My all time favorite guitar jam. Great job, looking forward to more.

lookylooky2006 says:

E maj penta and C# mn pent??

safenders says:

CURTIS LOWE was the finest picker to ever play the blues!!

Lost at Sea says:

@John Maggi The Little Chord riff is as follows: 11th fret on G, 10th fret
on B, slide that shape up to the 13th fret, and then back down, then down
to the 9th fret on both strings.

Danny Fischer says:

This is great. I cant wait to see solo 2 Marty. 

luckyfamilyman says:

4:58 “I’ve heard that before! You don’t know the half of it”!
Dude.. Those blue skies cloud’n up? It’s ok you have the minor scale to
fall back on ;)

InHisImage Stainedglass says:

4:58 Hmmm. Curtis Lowe was the finest picker to ever play the blues

preston moebius says:


Nixnicoll says:

Thanks to both of you – EXCELLENT 111

Simon Keel says:

Definitely a lifesaver. Also I would mention with that intro lick it comes
down to timing really. My hands aren’t fast enough to hit the notes at that
speed so I just hammer on instead. The solo that he does towards the end
remains me of Jerry Garcia


hell of a session right there!

Teddy Herrera says:

Awesome guys Thank You !!

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