Allman Brothers Final Show Encore

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Allman Brothers Band – Encore Speech and Trouble No More

10/28/14 Final Show at the Beacon Theatre, New York City

The Allman Brothers Band

Whipping Post end – Thank Yous – Trouble No More

October 28th, 2014

Beacon Theater, NYC

Set 1: 8:52-10:09

Set 2: 10:43-12:09

Set 3 + Encore: 12:18-1:26

(231 min = 3:51)


stevemeister74 says:
gdslayer420 says:

Thank you I am honored to have shared in this monumental moment in music

JimAntics says:

p.s I think Warren and Derek were glad to be done with it. It’s like they
were just going through the motions and didn’t even work up a sweat.

katjoye says:

Thank you for sharing! Must have been a very emotional night for all.. They
will live on forever to their loyal fans :-)

sbowen94 says:

Thank you stevemeister74!!!!! Your work gave me a lot of joy. Thanks a
million for recording this. 

thomas hosford says:

No sound???

Philip McNealy says:

Thank you for posting this.

Mandy Wall says:

Thanks for sharing!!!

Connor Boushell says:

I think I was standing right behind you. Where there 2 seats between you
and the aisle and the one right next to you was empty? My best buddy and I
were standing on a ledge right behind someone filming much of the show and
this is right about where we standing. Either way thanks for sharing!

Jeff Hebert says:

Skydog and Berry will live in our hearts forever………. there will never
be another band like this one.

bob reynolds says:

my first trip to the beacon and my last show to see my heroes was on the
22nd. sorry to say that it was kinda on the mellow side. had to go . was on
my bucket list. was hoping that they would make it to jones beach one more
time but……… will be @ the big house 11/14 and will pay my respects
@ rose hill. will miss them big time.been loyal to them since 69.

Pamela Rehak says:

Hopefully there’s a concert film and farewell album of this show in the

Blues-Rock Vault says:

That’s a great piece of video that captured an important moment in rock

rocky simpkins says:

tHE brothers may not take the stage again, but for damn sure will live
forever. Without doubt hands the greatest band ever!

j. Lynch says:

Were there any cameras filming this? I sure hope so…

Dave Smith says:

Was this filmed?

Bruce Silverman says:

The end of an era…

DeAnzaDana says:

The group bow at the end was fine but I think it would’ve been particularly
appropriate if Gregg, Butch, and Jaimoe stepped forward for a moment w/o
rest of the band…a tribute to the original Brothers.

jperryfan says:

Love that Derek is Playing Duane’s Gold Top

southrules says:

Wow I’m in Jax on biz now watching this, so cool they were here meeting for
the first time when I was 1 year old

Gary Fitzgerald says:

A part of me died last night. First heard the Bothers in 1973 when I was a
freshman in High School and I was blown away at the musicianship. Was at
the Greek Theatre years ago buying a beer when the band went one when I
heard Derek first play and I ran back to my seat and asked, “Who is this?!”
Saw them a few times over the past 15 years, flew to NY to see them at the
Beacon with my sister. My favorite band of all time. Can’t think of a
better American band. Ever. Thank you for 45 years of pure pleasure.

Deb T says:

What time did the show start and what time did it end? Thanks for
posting. This was an epic ending. 

Zivko Grcic says:

Best band in the land, period. End of an era. The music will live on in the
hearts and souls of the fans and music history.

JourneyHome says:

Wish I could have heard Jaimoe’s words more clearly and Warrens -

JimAntics says:

I lost all respect because they didn’t invite Dickey to join in the end. He
was the beginning. Shame on the ABB for being so petty.

backroadjunkie says:

I know i am being stubborn but this show means nothing to me without Dickey
being there. Knowing that this very important original member is alive and
healthy enough to play and was not invited is a real shame in my eyes. They
could of put the past aside for one that would of been epic. I
wont watch the Greg Allman band even though I know it is a top notch band.

chev202 says:

just ain’t the allman bros without duane. i givem credit for keeping the
band alive but all i do is wonder how good duane would be sounding if he
was still alive and kickin. and an allman bros show without them doin’
“dreams” is a joke. but that one was duane’s tune for sure. listen to them
doin “dreams” at stonybrook, ( a posting by: bthoma) and you’ll see why
they didn’t do “dreams” at this concert. can’t replicate sheer genius. it’s
kinda like a fine girlfriend you use to love to bang but then you got
married to some suzy homemaker type who is a bore in bed. the thrill is

stevemeister74 says:

Set 1: 8:52-10:09
Set 2: 10:43-12:09
Set 3 + Encore: 12:18-1:26
(231 min = 3:51)

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