Allman Brothers Jessica

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Tony Sikkema says:

Have loved this band since they first released an album in the UK. They are
truly awesome though their best stuff was done in the early years before
genius guitarist Duane Allman and Berry Oakley when they were a mindblowing
fusion of rock, country, jazz and blues. Worth listening to the early
albums such as Eat A Peach. Listen out for Blue Sky, my alltime favourite
by this band.

Steve Delia says:

Not at all. I’ve been to dead shows where the allman brothers opened for
them, and it was near empty (and dead shows are huge!). If top gear gets
more people to listen to the allman brothers, then good for them.

Black label says:

God fathers of Southern Rock!!! EXCELLENT ,OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE!!! By
the way the Allman brothers made this song a hit, Wayyy before fuckin top
gear was Around,You FKN IDIOT!!

Artemis Bumwhistle says:

It is a shame that some people think of this as the top gear theme…

RiflemanRay1 says:


MusicLuver1947 says:

Yaa, right, you can tell how poorly they were playing by the way the crowd
responded at the end. All those boos! Recording a live concert has never
been a walk in the park. (and it looks like they were actually playing in
one) And back in the early 80s the recording equipment was SO high tech.
But, you had to have been there to really know what you are talking about.
It’s just a shame the Allman Brothers never made it big.

fixxxer928 says:

Not me. I’m a born and bred Londoner pushing my way towards 30 and when my
brother heard me play this song on Rocksmith he told me it was the theme
from that show. Just goes to show my lack of interest in cars.

theMstanglover says:

I knew the song, but didn’t have as big an interest in it. Once I watched
Top Gear, I found a new light to this song, and the Allman Brothers all

wikkedmelodies says:

Dickey Betts was bad shit on that Gold Top =D

nsfigaro says:

Be prepared to get killed by his migthy helmet!

Phil Johnson says:

Don’t forget Chuck Leavell on Piano.

Dallton Santos says:


jmmacb03 says:

Rockin’ harder.

Levan Porteous says:

Yeah, they are quite expensive though. I wonder what amp he’s using :).

SouthernFryd says:

The Allman Brothers brought me here. I have never even heard of Top Gear.

Stuart Anderson says:

The un-educated know this as Top Gear….

Jessica Alba says:

My song :3

TeckGeek says:

πŸ˜€ Top gear is MY FAV show. Btw Hi stigi i though u didnt talk XD

Steve Delia says:

Top gear’s a really great show, you should check it out. The british
version, not the shitty american version. (Im american and have heard this
song before seeing top gear if that helps you out, and the american top
gear is terrible.)

97bloodbrother says:

Top Gear <3

Phill Hill says:

What an ass

Brandy Stephenson says:

3 Jammin !!!

Jake Olver says:

This song just makes me so happy!

DSAK55 says:

Leslie speakers! haven’t seen those since high school

carofishy says:

which members of the original 1969 band are in this? dickey betts, gregg
allman….anyone else? is that butch trucks back there?

TheKzfisher says:

Before The Stig . . . there was Dickey Betts!

Brandon Soriano says:

Great bass playin. Thats how you stay in the pocket

Steve Benenati says:

YOU ARE BOTH WRONG! that is Mike Lawler on keys.

ta brannon says:

bass player is David Goldfies

tittarina says:

super intro!!!

Naufal theStrider says:

it’s true! im no british but i know top gear πŸ˜€ hey.. the stig you’re
talking πŸ˜›

bacsi19461 says:

aaaaaahhhh, that little doper at his best. he had a pretty stormy life but
I still loved his music enough to forgive him. What a talent.

jett falcon says:

top gearγ˜γ‚ƒγ‚“(β‰§βˆ€β‰¦)

Jack Rabbit says:

My Father played me this at age 3 and I figured out how to play it at age
10 I still play it today at a couple of gigs after all these many years

David Bromage says:

Tonight… I wear a hat. James wears a hat. And Richard wears a hat.

NTC335 says:

εζ›²γ γγ­β˜†

blondwiththewind says:

Dickey Betts!!!! <3 <3 <3

Steve Benenati says:

Sorry, It has been said I am gullable when it comes to getting a joke.

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