Allman Brothers – Whipping Post

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The Allman Brothers Band  Whippin’ Post

Live at the Fillmore East, September 23, 1970


B Neilson says:

The look Duane @ 4:12 gives Dickey when he doesnt stop playing when Greg
is singing. Haha

Karen Conlin says:

That one was so good, I’m postin’ another.

You’re welcome.

Wes Hunter says:

What year Les Paul is Duane playing?

Robert Walters says:

my man, Duane Allman !!! even Clapton liked his style of blues-rock !!!

bluelipbeaver says:

Oh yes…………they were great when they played at the field house in
Holderness NH while attending Plymouth State College in the 70’s. Then
back to the TKE House for beers, smoke and merriment!

Les streeter says:

Bi, i was at the Allman Bros concert at Plymouth State College. Do you remember the date of that concert. My friend Hal Tuttle helped organize the cocert. Thanks, Les

TheHolyReality says:

old but gold

Maggie King says:

I was there and they were brand new to the North-New Yorkers don’t like
anyone but we went nuts for these guys-listen to how tight they are and so
young….even the Dead’s mouths dropped open

Whiskey River says:

I know every generation says this, but I’m glad I was a part of the
generation that this band represented. For all our faults and mistakes,
there is no denying the wealth of fantastically mind-blowing and rich music
our generation created. They’ve been trying to one-up us ever since. Puts a
gleam in my eye to know they’re still trying. I hope they find that magic
some day……….

Poy Ester says:

If Duane and Berry would have lived longer , this band would have dominated
the 1970’s .

Jeremy Benson says:

Who the hell were the 156 tone deaf assholes that disliked this?? Kids
today, no respect for REAL music!!

inquiry7 says:

Dicky certainly was greatly influenced by Duane Allman…his scales/
improvising etc., but why the hell wouldn’t ya playing marathon practices
let alone long gigs with one of the best ever!

Michael Butler says:

Without a doubt, F’ing Amazing. But for those of you that feel the need to
bash Derek and Warren. Or say the current band is a “Joke”. Shame on
you. They are keeping Duane’s spirit and legacy alive. I would dare to say
that you are not true fans of the music and really prefer to hear the sound
of your own voice.
Last week was a wonderful and sad occasion at the Beacon. ABB will be
missed. I wish the family well.

Austin Wagner says:

They don’t make em like Allman Brothers anymore…..such fire. 

jim hockler says:

u can tell he had been listening to kind of blue

Sofie Ewing says:

love it!!!

Dustin Louder says:

Butch’s hair, tho.

BA Bernier says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

beyondR Edemption says:

Whomever says that Derek Trucks is a joke, is the actual joke.

Benur Radio says:

If the Grey Machine, the Gov, keeps calling my Prophets and Angels
entertainers, we will have serious trouble. Oh God, I’m shy :$

Filson Figg says:

Correct date of this recording is March 12, (or 13), 1971.

Marcelia McIntosh says:

I wish music could be so well thought and felt…not commercialized.

Robert Walters says:

the tune “Jessica” was about Dickey Betts daughter…also a fantastic
guitarist !!!

Kerry Wichterich says:

One of the best live performances of all time easily. Always take some time
to listen to the full 22 minute version of this song.

Diann Hasbrouck says:

Allman Brothers – Whipping Post, 9/23/70 HQ:

mark starr says:

Come on help me get this one to fill the page.

Maggie King says:

Duane and Greg played from one soul, so tight…when he died, yeah it would
never be the same 

Marcin Dzikowski says:
p1nesap says:

Man Duane and Dickey sound good, in complementary ways. And Greg too of

G Philip C says:

At my age I get NO respect ~ Somtimes I feel ….I been TIIIIED to the
Whippin’ Poss….

Jake Parker says:

Too cool!

Yansa Skip says:

When the Black Dog comes calling …….

JoJoJo says:

My biggest regret in life was being born in 1998

Linda Chambers says:

What’s the name of the guitarist with the shorter brown hair?

James Dalessandro says:

The greatest American rock band ever. Jazz musicians who played rock and
blues. Duane and Dickie were so fast it took two drummers to keep up with
them: just watch how hard they work. And Duane is certainly one of the
top two guitarists of all time. But Greg the “greatest blues vocalist” of
the 20th Century? He’s a terrific singer, but better than Howlin’ Wolf,
Lightnin’ Hopkins, Muddy Waters? Sorry, but that’s stretching it. 

Jeff Studley says:

Don’t just listen, but *WATCH* Duane Allman, Dicky Betts, Berry Oakley &
crew rip it :-)

Jur Venema says:

Allman Brothers band – Whipping post

R.I.P. Skydog

Sy Bernot says:

In it for the long haul

Frank H says:

DUANE………….’nuff said

jon wilson says:

Best band ever.

Richard Arnold says:

This one will send me off for the night.

David Evans says:

I’ve left comments on other Allman Bros videos of later incarnations of the
band without Duane and with various other members, to the effect that the
original band is the real band. I got a lot of shit about it. But I say
firmly, THIS is the fuckin Allman Bros. There is no replacing Duane. When
he died the band died. I saw them in 73 after Duane and they were good, but
not this good. The current line-up is a fuckin joke.

Ross T says:

Mrs. Allman got Greg and Duane the same shirt for Christmas.

Terrence Hewitt says:

You don’t know what the Allman brothers are Singing about unless you been
there. Their best song ever live for me. sometimes I feel…..

urupiper2 says:

Don’t just listen, but *WATCH* Duane Allman, Dicky Betts, Berry Oakley &
crew rip it :-)


*On this day… 1971*
*Duane Allman is killed when he lost control of his motorcycle on a Macon,
Georgia street while trying to swerve to avoid a tractor-trailer.*

He was just three weeks shy of his 25th birthday.

#OnThisDay #RRHK #Super70s 

Roland Koerner says:

Here’s to the Allman Brothers with a big fat *Thanks* for all those years
full of great music!

Allman Brothers – Whipping Post, 9/23/70 HQ:

urupiper2 says:

Don’t just listen, but *WATCH* Duane Allman, Dicky Betts, Berry Oakley &
crew rip it :-)

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