Another Southern Rock Top Ten

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*I do not own any of the audio*
A better remake of my older video
10. Allman Brothers Band – Blue Sky
9. ZZ Top – La Grange
8. CCR – Bad Moon Rising
7. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
6. Molly Hatchet – Dreams I’ll Never See
5. Marshall Tucker Band – Heard it in a love song
4. .38 Special – Hold on Loosely
3. Marshall Tucker Band – Can’t You See
2. Allman Brothers Band – Jessica
1. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird


Jeff Pinkston says:

OK,Where is ARS,Little Feat,and Rossington Collins Band? CCR is from Ca.NOT
considered Southern Rock.Allman Bros anyone?

ledzeppelinfreak says:

It’s mainly a Taylor Swift problem.

RandyPantheGoatBoy says:

All that and no Pure Prairie League “Falling In And Out Of Love/Amie” or
Badfinger “Day After Day”?

T.B.B.C. says:

No, but any true southerner will tell you, you have to be from the south to
create it. You can sing a southern rock song, it doesn’t make you a
southerner. I can sing a Beatles song, it doesn’t make me English. You can
create a song that sounds like the Stones, or the Hollies, but no
Englishman will ever accept it as part of the British invasion. It will
always be an American song. Not just with songs. If you are not from NY,
New Yorkers will never accept you as a true New Yorker. Sorry!!!!

AcousticWonderwall says:

stop hating punks, its a great list. and yes CCR played southern rock

Tucker Newman says:


Ivan Fernandes says:

Why wasn’t I born in Texas?

Victor Coimbra says:

This is a great list, really good! In my list I would keep a great parts of
the chosen songs, but I would replace .38 Special – Hold on Loosely for LS
– SIMPLE MAN and Molly Hatchet – Dreams I’ll Never See for CCR – Fortunate
Son or Proud Mary. Overall, nice work friend! God bless you!

ledzeppelinfreak says:

Little Feat ain’t a Southern rock band, they are from California, just like

Indica-Shiva Om says:

LYNYRD SKYNYRD -FREE BIRD! Easily the smoothest and best song in this whole
video! -Nice job!

shoogdon says:

I love CCR, but they hailed from Oakland/Frisco. They considered themselves
apart of the 60’s Bay Area sound. They might sing Born On The Bayou, but
they sure weren’t. Makes about as much sense as that Australian douche
Keith Urban calling himself country, lol. No pedigree.

franciswei says:

Troll somewhere else brah, if u dont like it make ur own video

ledzeppelinfreak says:

Like the band Little Feat. Little Feat are classified as a southern rock
band yet they hailed from the same state as CCR, and musically weresimilar
to them but with jazz influences.

franciswei says:

@Vickcoimbra Those are great songs and it was really hard to choose only 10
songs and simple man is one of LS best songs. Thank you

franciswei says:

@GinsbergK “They consider themselves southern rock stylists although their
music encompasses country rock and swamp rock” from wikipedia

Forrest Whittle says:

Souther rock is a style not a location you are from. REM is from Georgia
but they aren’t southern rock. Thin lizzy is southern rock and their lead
singer is a black guy from Ireland.

Rebel Rider One says:

Like a redneck

Forrest Whittle says:

You should put Jackie Blue by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils

prussianguy says:

ccr only #8?

franciswei says:

@blackxopsxmark Southern rock is a genre, you don’t have to be from the
south to actually play it

ledzeppelinfreak says:

There is actually a type of country music called Australian country, but
you wouldn’t be well known with it because you’re from the U.S.. It’s just
I hail from Australia and we’ve got country music artists from there apart
from Keith Urban, like Slim Dusty, Lee Kernaghan, Adam Brand, Kasey
Chambers, Olivia Newton-John, etc. I know the big difference was that Keith
based himself in America while the others didn’t. Why don’t you look it up
on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

ledzeppelinfreak says:

CCR were very similar in style as well, but minus the jazz influences.

ledzeppelinfreak says:

Actually, that’s vice versa.

John Bellows says:

Check out Blackfoot fucking amazing southern rock band


@franciswei any body can edit wikipedia

shoogdon says:

No disrespect intended, but pedigree is what defines real country and
western music. It’s originally from poor rural white Americans, not unlike
how real blues was the product of poor black Americans. If you made
sparkling wine in Australia, could you really call it Champaigne? Real
country music isn’t even alive in the US anymore, it’s not just a Keith
Urban problem.

bisp25 says:

ccr souther rock…hmmm. whay no atlanta rhythm section.

ledzeppelinfreak says:

Pure Prairie League were just plain country rock, not to mention they were
from Ohio. Also, Badfinger are from England, and they’re power pop.

ccdevilleiscool says:

Marshall tucker for rock&roll hall of fame, who’s with me? Lets push it

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