Atlanta Rhythm Section – 1977

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1stSaintsFan says:

I love this band and went to so many of their live shows in the Louisiana,
Miss. & Texas back in the 70’s. 

charley benfield says:

ARS forever

charley benfield says:

rest in peace ronnie

Charles Chandler says:

I gotta go to bed now!!!…)O(
Atlanta Rhythm Section – 2- Record Set Album

Debby Watson says:

AWESOME! Love ARS! Thanks for sharing! 

David Fox says:

My first concert at Six Flags St. Louis….. what a great group

Fred Mertz says:


Maggiez Farm says:

Thank you for posting this, it’s rare to find someone who appriciates
everything these guys really did. I needed this tonight, thanks again.

Hippy Sake says:

Heyo ARS Fans ~ ok this one is a real puzzler?
With the title as posted [2 Record Set Album] – I cannot find in “ANY” ARS
discography on the web. Throughout the music video we see the vinyl labels
shown (per side) and they certainly denote what would appear to be a double
album w/21 total songs and hardly a bootleg. However, coincidently, the 21
song set list herein also perfectly corresponds to ARS’ first two
albums. (#1) “Atlanta Rhythm Section” (1972-Decca) and (#2) “Back Up
Against The Wall” (1973-Decca) . . and so with the meeting of minds what do
we think?
(Please see my reply as well for a nice surprise)

Cox Gregory says:

This goes good w Jack Daniels

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