Bacchus “Celebration” Southern Hard Rock

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Bacchus “Revisited” 2003 USA, Psychedelic/Hard Rock

In the early 70’s Eric Turner and Charlie Souza of the Tropics (Florida) decided to form his own group and name it in honor of the god of wine and fertility. Soon they were joined by a great drummer from Tampa – Bill Peterson. The new power trio find their own direction in rock music, trying to progressive and psychedelic sound. After the release of three singles, boys participated in numerous concerts, playing the opening act for “Grand Funk Railroad”, “Free”, “Lynyrd Skynyrd”, BB King, “Cactus”, “The Outlaws”, “Redbone”, Edgar Winter and Ted Nugent. After speaking at the Atlanta Pop Festival and tour with “Mahavishnu Orchestra” group was very popular in the Southeast and Midwest. In 2003, the year of the CD were released songs from their singles…

Seventies Hendrix, Who, Trio Metal Pop Southern Rock ~ Eric Turner’s taste of Heavy Sweet Melodic Metal. Acrobatic Rockit in the Pocket Bass by Charlie Souza. A Bed Rock of Funky Fudge Cake Percussion whipped up by Bill Peterson on Drums. It’s BACCHUS.!

Eric Turner – lead guitar
Charlie Souza – bass
Bill Peterson – drums


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