Black Crowes – Jealous Again

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The Black Crowes -

The Black Crowes Jealous Again (Official Video)

Jealous Again was the debut single off the Crowes first album Shake Your Money Maker released in 1990. An acoutic version of the song is included on their more recent release, Croweology.


Maximiliano Boggino says:

am I, am I, am I, am I !!!!!

Chris Hood says:

Find me loose lipped and laughing-
Singing songs, ain’t got no regrets

Billy Foy says:


Nasro Elahouel says:
Billy Madison says:

If you can’t appreciate the music than stop posting dickheads

Brian Dowdell says:

Quit sucking dick Craig cuz you could not hold a candle to this talent

Empress Antoinette-Bonaparte-Christian says:

I loved working with these guys! Just a really good band. They gave the
Southern band a more updated sound. Song-Writing fun at it’s finest!

rushbeat14 says:

Nothing wrong with borrowing from previous great bands ie The Rolling
Stones or The Faces and tinkering with it a bit then creating something
similar or better as that”s the history of all rock. The Black Crowes based
their whole career on the previous said influences.

Clayton139 says:

One amongst all of my Favorites by this band !

cliff shiflett says:

You have the power of the Stones! Amen

tonecot89 says:

Awesome band, but still hard to believe the lead singer nailed Kate Hudson.

Dr. Nobody says:

I want to make something very clear here.Copywright is idiotic and created
to make the courts millions of dollars.The black crowes stole the riff from
eddie and the cruisers (john cafferty) song down on my knees.So there you
go america i have just opened the can of worms on how our stupid gay court
system fools all of you into being sued or sueing others for bullshit riffs
that are copied.fuck copywright.

yahya sayid araffat says:

i like it

Max martino says:

Pure Stones sound!!

Paul C Bosley says:

Get down with the crowes #blackcrowes 

W. James Hamel says:

+Jessica Hamel 

Gordon Devai says:

Used to cover this song in my band way back in the day… So many good

Lucy Fur says:

I will make this my new desert island must have if I can only ‘take one
full album cd ‘ and that’s due to the truth – when the rest of the
‘faithful’ MEN EVER release ALL the truth of the ‘bible shiz’ lol for
instance that before the masculine force ‘god’ was She -and they then
created the third and greatest – manifestation – viola – recipe for
manifestation – love joy and too simple for hateful hard working consumers
but infants get it upon arrival lol – kids gotta get offline – raise some
hell muahaha and peace out the DuPont circle with signs like ‘if you can’t
balance your budgets you can’t have any further benefits and you earn
min wage now’ – a msg to the Congress and Senate – 99% NOT good OLD boys
club of just plain greed – woman and kids will take all gov’ts down and you
boys just stand beside us with a Louisville Slugger like I keep by my front
door – we good to go. 

MoxOverload says:

YEEEEEAAAH! Black Crowes babe… got no time babe-e!
This. Song. Is. So. Good.
1990 memories mode = On

tom smith says:

0:50 – 0:56 always hit a cord

Kellene nicole Johnson says:

We have all been there..

leslie weison says:

Jealous Again!!!! Love this band!!!! Miss their music on the radio

Melanie Trodella says:

love every part of this song

Brian Dowdell says:

Bad ass !!!! Never lost faith in Chris he is a true poet.

Mick Jigger says:

Exile On Main Street.

just roach says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

L.A. D. says:

Hey …….. Jealousy is good….sometimes. :)))

Heather Burnett says:

Rich is so flipping’ cute!

Epi Baez says:

Cool!… music full moon!… :-)

Gina Jordan says:

Still a fave by them, and it’s not on my album, so I came looking for it
and found all those other goodies I’ve shared so far, saving the best for
last 😉
Not to mention, all the long haired guys. And those backup singers ought to
be considered lead vocals on most of their songs, it’s their voices that
make the songs, like on Remedy and others. Just my opinion. They are an
integral part of this band’s sound. Guess I need to get this album too 😉
#blackcrowes #bluesrock 

Kendra Kunz says:

Now, this is music…

Janet Marshall says:

Find me loose lipped and laughing ,sing songs ain’t got no regrets .
DEC 7 /2014 Just Say’in

Edward Gonzales says:

Jealous Again Baby!

mrhoffame says:

One of the last, TRUE rock and roll bands we have seen. There are just no
other bands that have been able to mix the southern rock, gospel, blues,
and hard rock thing like the Black Crowes did.

Pure-Adrenaline!! says:

#BlackCrowes [Music Video] “Jealous Again”

Christian Andreatta says:

A proposito di Corvi…
Visti nel 1991 al Monster of Rock di Modena

Matt Ryan says:

Black Crowes – Jealous Again:

Gary Delcourt says:

Just wondering if Rod and Ronnie/ the Faces are going to sue for having
their song “Stay with Me” ripped off…..

Edward Gonzales says:

Jealous Again

Vera Athans says:

oh yeah…southern rock…kick it…

youme1414 says:

Why are most rockers scrawny? 

Marcelo Gomes Melo says:

“Estou ciumento outra vez/Pensando que é hora de deixá-la entrar/Sempre
bêbado no domingo/Tentando me sentir em casa/Me sinto como roupa suja/Eu
não tenho medo de enfrentar”.

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