Black Oak Arkansas – Jim Dandy

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Black Oak Arkansas – Jim Dandy To The Rescue

from The Midnight Special 1975


Joseph Liptak says:

We need to bring back long hair. That’s the trouble with this world with
all these short-haired punks thinking that they’re rockers. 

panzerken says:

David Lee Roth!!

Paula Williams says:

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Vincent Myers says:

I was 14 in 1975. Curfew was midnight. I got to see a lot of The Midnight
This song is one that I will never forget seeing as long as I live!!!

blablah blah says:

Now I see where that sissy Lee Roth stole his persona and pants from!

Anna Comloski says:

Original David Lee Roth.

daryl redden says:

looks like david spade fronting spinal tap !

Joey McNew says:

Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl is today’s Jim Dandy… lol 

George Sampson says:
Allie Burkhardt says:

This is great to revisit. My brother and I used to watch Friday night
concerts together. All that free time with the best seat in the theater,
best sound and lighting to experience the musicians’ performance–we felt
privileged. My brother became really fond of BOA for a while and played
their music constantly. The southern flags were not offensive. They struck
us as an expression of the group’s love for their home. It does not say
racism–its just some stripes and stars in a pretty pattern.

thomas timberlake says:

I have done 22yrs in doc
keep rocking on boa iam free. And u. Still live on. My hat off to u. 

rhetts dad says:

saw them July 4th 1976…had a new little band with one song out open for
them…song was Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith..

Donald Holley says:

you must have seen the cover of the JAP metal band Loudness

DameonJessey says:

This is the band Jackyl always wanted to be.

Eddy Woodland says:

I love Ruby!

Valerie La Rue says:

I love seeing this video. I knew Ruby Starr and I saw BOA in concert twice.
I met Jim after Ruby had passed away but they both could rock!

James Peck says:

Is that Mya Rudolph?

Janis Haldeman says:

Simple, high energy, unscripted, unchoreographed, psycho boogie southern
style, with some hard grinding musicianship and vocals. No need for
preconceived ideas and video saturation. Until you’ve been a live member
jacked up on something at one of these rock n roll shows, well, I’m sad for

sabatoge sabatoge says:

great song!

Buick Mackane says:

Ah the 70’s had the best rock ever. Ruby is so good looking!

marto880 says:

The beginning of Southern Rock, miss those days!!! This show was awesome!!!
This tune reminds me of Henry Lee Summer’s, *Wish I had a Girl Who Walked
Like That.*

sabatoge sabatoge says:

great band great song check out sabatoge

Groovy Reflections says:

Happy 66th birthday to Rickie Lee Reynolds guitarist with Black Oak
The Midnight Special More 1975 – 17 – Black Oak Arkansas – Jim Dandy

buzzcrushtrendkill says:

100% Southern Fried Rock

rbagel55 says:

I think they are so terrible-that they are hilariously entertaining. I got
to admit
though-they are uniiqe,there is nobody in Rock that sings like Jim Dandy

uragiri M says:

When I see those Confederate slave endorsing flags I wonder how Americans
would feel if a Japanese band performed with the blood-shot-eye flag of the
Japanese navy. In fact, if I perform, I’ll fly the Japanese navy flag on
stage. Take that Hawaii.

MerkinMuffly says:

David Lee Roth ripped off Jim Dandy’s on stage antics and mannerisms. 

Jon Traylor says:

Per Request (sort of) Black Oak Arkansas

Summer Snow says:

And check out the drummer………..

Charles Silvers says:

the kkk hijacked the confederate flag,thats why everyone hates it

doneal53 says:

They’d sure throw a fit over them Rebel Flags today.

Gary a says:

Hey that’s David Lee Roth, oh wait its Michael PS Hayes of the wrestling
tag tam the Fabulous Freebirds…… oh wait, its only Jim Dandy…. click
to the next video

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