Black Oak Arkansas – Uncle Lijiah

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Black Oak Arkansas Uncle Lijiah

from the album Black Oak Arkansas (1971)


• Jim "Dandy" Mangrum: Lead Vocals, Washboard

• Rickie "Ricochet" Reynolds: 12 String Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

• Pat "Dirty" Daugherty: Bass Guitar, Vocals

• Harvey "Burley" Jett: Lead Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Vocals

• Stanley "Goober" Knight: Lead & Steel Guitar, Organ, Vocals

• Wayne "Squeezebox" Evans: Drums


JB Siamese says:

You and I think exactly the same on this one, SSGDragonSoldier!
Isawthemlive several times, starting in ’72.

SSGDragonSoldier says:

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, this tune “goes to eleven”… BTW,
only Jim can sing this song right..

feloneousX1 says:

Can ye not spell Lijiah?

Quaalude Charlie says:

lemon , but I would like Either 🙂 QC

HissingFauna says:

woah cool was it a life changing experience dude bro

Buck Wheat says:

This pre-dates Lynyrd Skynyrd… ’em both…

James Williams says:

real music….

Richard Lowe says:

Helping buddy move his parents stuff to new house .we spent night at new
house his older brother got battery out of car hooked up 8-Track in bedroom
and yes was first time for me also

Quaalude Charlie says:

R.I.P. Stanley 🙁 QC

taglionilives says:

A rare song in which the lyrics and the music are equally good.

booifojoe says:


photoslum says:

roher? lemon?

MrTjsimon says:

saw them at Cypermort Point Louisiana ,one hour into the concert the
electricity went out for two hours but when it came back on they played for
four more hours , great show

billy garner says:

first song i ever smoked dope listening to.

Jimbo Patterson says:

early in life i gambled a agme and carried a knife

RippSnortin' says:

man his voice is so nasty, and sounds so good

Quaalude Charlie says:

2060 🙂 QC


“agme”? That shine you drank…..How many ‘O’s in smooooooth had it?

Buck Wheat says:

Thanks for posting this song….love it….brings back memories…

Lamar James says:

Damn fine!


I’ve always wanted one of those old Chevy trucks. Ain’t nothin’ like ’em.
Drive the damn thing from coast to coast for sure. Put in a good sound
system n rock n roll from coast to coast, north to south, and on every damn
road and path I can find. Better than an ARMY tank to my way of thinkin’.
Just try n stop me! Pay me ‘nough money n I’ll pull up the whole Sequoia
National Forest for ya! Ain’t nothin’ like ’em.

debra haas says:

The Best… Use to sit and listened to these guys all the time… ( stoned
of course)!!!

tomitstube says:

wow, hadn’t heard this one in a while, sounds amazing, boa was a bad ass

repoman2665 says:

them fery crosses are burning nice, boy……..

MrEconline says:

I feel like I am 13 again LOL I remember seeing them the first time opening
up for Humble Pie at the Academy of Music in NYC.

julian tepes says:

No disrespect to the L.S. fans out there but Lynyrd Skynyrd couldn’t touch
them in during their prime. No southern band could. BOA are and is way
ahead of their time. Just glad the Wildman Dandy is still with us today. If
we lost Jim Dandy in the late 70’s. The guy would have been worship like

Dave Miller says:

Love this Group!

Robert Taylor says:

True southern rock’s origin born right here. Idgaf what any of Skynyrds
fans say. 

Mark Robbins says:

James Mangrum…my brother from another mother ! and all those who where ,
are & with him today… May God Bless All…! I know I have been, many
thanks to all…45 plus years…Love Ya ! Ya’ll…

Mark Klaers says:

God! I miss this music!

J. Smith says:

Every time I hear this song, I can see the 3rd Arkansas and Uncle Elijah
advancing into the Wheatfield at Gettysburg.

Double D says:

that’s one of the best songs that they ever recorded!

D Dykes says:

Damn good stuff there!

K Redel says:

I have this album!

roadawg music says:

one of my favorite bands from way back when, I used to listen to these guys
and elvin bishop all the time. I will not compare these guys with the likes
of skynyrd or allman bros. but these guys were my favorite.

Marie Grussendorf says:

I love boa i turned my 10 year old grandson on to them now heoves them

Brian Cox says:

I wonder if the one square inch of BOA deed is for real given in an album
many years ago?

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