Blackfoot – Highway Song (Live)

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Blackfoot Highway Song Live in Zurich 1982


upyorz says:

Mr. Jakson “Thunderfoot” Spires… R.I.P.

Paul Barbell says:

Doesn’t get much better than this! Thanks for posting the live version.
Great performance by the lead singer, guitarist. Lost a little bit of the
guitar sound in the extended solo but just love the spirit and story that
anyone can relate to. Raise those lighters up!

lisa houston says:

old but good? dude you just don’t even know…………..and it isn’t worth
the explanation

Rômulo Vanderlan says:

This music is fucking perfect!

janine levassar says:

apparently I love this song….have another beer for me….

TheMoore121 says:

How can one not dig this??? Just badass and its live to boot

Marvin Lucky Dorantes says:

Late night grill’n n beer, o’yeah!

Brian Brown says:

ROCK,its old but its GOOD

Billy Jennings says:

I was introduced to this album while in the Army (82nd Airborne)just after
it came out by a friend of mine Steven Gregory just before I went home on
leave . Never saw Steve again he died while I was gone , cant hear this
song to this day without thinking of him

venesmarie says:

just awesome

TheMoore121 says:

Blackfoot’s Freebird????

E R.A. says:

fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……this is what I call ……………ROCK AND

stephenmr2 says:

I used to listen to this beautiful song every night when I came home from
work in 1979 now getting to see them play this meaningful song means so
much to me thank you for putting it on here thank you bro!

jeremiah johnson says:

I think Rick could careless if this song is on youtube lol. He’s still
making plenty of money off this song and in my opinion its a damn good song

Kabalti Rules says:

This is the type of music that you listen to and find your meaning in life,
and it makes you just wanna live forever.

robert mitchell says:


Mad Shark says:

Sorry im up late playn this 62 gibson

Robert Blackburn says:

Love this solo, it’s a pulse checker!

kneapoe51 says:

As good as it gets folks!! One of the best & most underrated
songs…..EVER!! Thanks 4 posting this 1.

Daniel F. says:

One of the great songs in rock history and the most under appreciated.

roadawg music says:

man songs like this gets my blood going, love these long solos. too bad
guys like ricky and others got that ego going. blackfoot now has no
original members in it. Medlock, who evidently has control of name fired
everyone and put in guys he wanted in, stating he wanted the old time
excitement back with the band. like other bands, there have been in band
fighting. too bad, not only with blackfoot, also others, that money has to
be main objective.

Dan Roberson says:

saw this live in Indy! Best sounding live! Drum sound was awesome!

MegaEcho94 says:

Merci. Cela fait du bien!

leonor mackennit says:

que du bonheur!!!

Robert Blackburn says:

7:35…that just is euphoria!!

Jens Boehm says:

Top! Total geile Nummer! Quasi der “Übersong”! Absolut super,mit einer top
Dynamik. Einmal hören is’ nicht! Und wenn nur laut! Geilo!!! 

ironie4 says:

32 years later … and remains an incredible performance

451hist says:

Blackfoot at their best – thank you for posting!

Chris Burrow says:

Oh yes, we were all Long hair Freaky Gods. If only we could have bottled a
tenth of that energy to save up for 45 years later. It would be the
ultimate Aphrodisiac.

'Ηλίας Φρ' says:


Mandy Smith says:

Freakin love Blackfoot!!! Thank you for posting!!!

mmilitti07 says:


Fish2409 says:

Excellent ! Very fast drummer- Jakson Spires R.I.P.

Patrick Thomas says:

Philip Shouse – One of the great Rock voices that will live on forever.

TheMotorcityfive says:

way underrated band! its a crime this band is not up there with rock’s
greatest, love their tunes

Keepsu says:


tradecraft46 says:

I wonder if my friend from the USN, Eric Metzger was in the audience.

Samuel Baechler says:
Keith Chaplow says:

Saw them at the Mayfair in Newcastle 30 yr ago …. one word AWESOME!!!

Roy Bedenbaugh says:
Mainstream Aboriginal Music says:

Blackfoot – Highway Song (Live, Zurich 1982):

jeff kovach says:

Memory roads!

Shawn Hall says:

Beiber could sing this better. Im fucking kidding! OK ill shoot
myself in the face for saying that. 

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