Blackfoot – Strikes 1979

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Blackfoot Strikes -

Blackfoot Strikes

Strikes is Blackfoot's third album and was released in 1979. It was certified Platinum in 1986 and contained two of their most popular song - Highway Song and Train Train.


Chandani says:

Pepper Parris – This is such an awesome shot John, I am so execitd to show it to Dean today. The show was the best and most difficult concert I have ever attended, but you helped to remind me that he really was there all over the place! I appreciate you capturing his spirit in this place! Much love, ~~john

Doug Sims says:

black foot rocks you ass hole

Kevin V says:

cool album – really enjoyed it

robert bone says:

Great southern rock. Thanks for sharing.

Rafly says:

– John, I was at that concert sttiing way in the back earlier that day, Seth Justman had to borrow Greg Allman’s organ during the J.Geils set, which may have been one of the best concerts I ever witnessed! best regards, Mitch

Zoltán Szamosi says:

Jó kis ütős zene! Köszi a feltöltést!

Doug Sims says:

and i new danny joe brown he was my friend

Michael Nagy says:

Great band!

Doug Sims says:

where ricky playing now for lynrd skynyd

ogrebattle22763 says:

Absolute low budget second rate bullshit garbage… Reminds me why I never
got into this band in the first place… Lynyrd Skynyrd – & Molly Hatchet
now that’s real southern rock… 

Scotty J. says:

Awesome Southern Rock! Love it!! sj~13 

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