Blackwater – Someday (Official)

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Blackwater – Southern Heavy Rock
Someday (Official)

Music & Lyrics by Blackwater
Directed by Andy Mertens


montecinto56 says:

Great sound man, I like it!! :-)

Santi Carratalá says:

Not enough redneck without dirty fingers.

MrSnapy1 says:

Damn I am somewhat jaded to new music I never knew these guys existed.Until
I heard this song it kicks ass!

Southern rock baby! and like Clutch they have a unique sound.Will check
out more from these guys.

Andrea Naspiran says:


Rodrigo plumari says:

AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shovel Head says:

nich schlecht. da haut’s einem den kitt aus der brille.

autism children says:

Dam this song is awesome n dig the lead singer voice

Ben Bates says:

music is good, singer NO

Zosche says:

mehr bitte

Corey Kuropas says:

Love this! Hope ya’ll come through Chicago soon. We need a show from ya!

SmallTownRat says:

Blackwater in der Silo1 Malerwerkstatt

Geno says:

It “WAS” so AWESOME until He sang. AWFUL COMMON cookie cutter voice sound,
get a new singer and GO PLACES!!

Jesus Prieto says:
carlos roussin says:

you guys are fucken badass !

Murat Purç says:

Blackwater – Someday m/

How about some Southern Heavy Rock?

Blackwater Southern Heavy Rock says:

wow…. we’ve just reached 10000 views!…..this is absolutely amazing,
thank you so much for your support! We really appreciate that!
Stay heavy out there! Blackwater, Andy, Leo, Mike & Dani

inferno fox says:


Murat Purç says:

Blackwater – Someday m/

How about some Southern Heavy Rock?

Andy Conto says:

Blackwater – Someday (Official): via @YouTube

Elizabeth Nardiello says:

Blackwater – Someday (Official):

Haze Silver says:


Ville Koskilampi says:

I grow an extra ball every time i hear this tune. Right up to the moment
when the singer comes in and then i lose the extra ball i got :(

Blackwater Southern Heavy Rock says:

Ladys and Gentleman we proudly presents our new Video “SET THE FIRE”
Blackwater – Set the fire (Official)

we wish you a fucking heavy and happy new year

stay tuned
Andy, Michi, Leo and Dani

TheOneAndOnlyRowdy says:

check it ! a great band from bavaria/germany !!!! >>> Blackwater – Someday

jennifer merideth says:

cool veary cool

tkg tomino says:


Blackwater Southern Heavy Rock says:

We never ever thought that a own produced Handy Video with the Sound of
our rehearsal room could reach so many People and views!
It´s awsome!
Thank´s for your Support and stay heavy!
Andy, Dani, Leo & Mike

g fk says:

Greatings from Oberschlesien (Germans from poland). Respekt.

rsdeepsea says:

It’s crazy all these European bands playing Southern style metal. I know
why girls love us, but what is it Europeans like about rednecks? Keep that
Confederate flag flying, we’re in a struggle with butthurt liberals who
want to take away our right to show our flag, but their cool with Mexicans
flying their flag in America, go figure. That shit ain’t gonna work. Keep
up the good work. Roll Tide!!

Michael Dehart says:

Sorry guys dont care for the vocals but the sound fuckin rocks!!! Look
forward to hearing some more. Maybe its just the one song.

Michael Denny says:

Uh, hire a singer, guys. 

Lefty K says:

What a badass song….I’d love to see you guys play live.

Paco Recio says:

Aqui os dejo dinamita
Blackwater – Someday (Official)

Blackwater Southern Heavy Rock says:

We got our first EP and Merchandise right now. Just contact us for more
Stay Heavy!
Andy, Leo, Mike and Dani

Blackwater Southern Heavy Rock says:



Blackwater – Raise your Glass (Official)

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