Don’t Misunderstand Me (Lyrics)

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Rossington Collins Band Don’t Misunderstand Me with Lyrics

Their biggest hit from the album ‘Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere’

The Rossington-Collins Band was an off-shoot of US southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, founded in 1979 by guitarists Allen Collins and Gary Rossington following the tragic 1977 plane crash which killed three members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, thus ending that band’s career. The Jacksonville band released two albums, but disbanded in 1982 due to increasing instability with guitarist Allen Collins following the death of his wife in 1980. Another contributing factor was the growing relationship between vocalist Dale Krantz and Gary Rossington, who married soon after the band dissolved.


Kapitainleutnant says:

@Kapitainleutnant Shit, got it backward…

Justagirl says:

I wish RC had a video. They should make one.

Keith Rose says:

Regional band that was great in the days of my Marine Corps experience in
NC. Man…….what a ride that was.

Richard D. Bailey says:

Awesome tune, The musicians that came from the south in that era had more
talent in their pinkie fingers than 9/10’s of the musicians have all put
together today.

Jay Cummings says:

Classic rock radio is so formatted I don’t even bother anymore!

David Otto says:

pure bad ass

mloon1313 says:

still an awesome band- saw them live in ’80 , ill never forget it!!

Pete Zereeah says:

Dale Krantz was a back up vocal for 38 Special on the “Rockin’ Into The
Night” album. She had a prominant vocal in the track “Money Honey.”
Rossington and Collins hired her for the next project they called the
Rossington Collins band. ( Kind of like Lennon-McCartney ), probably
because they didn’t know what the hell to do.

Dave Davidson says:

A forgotten classic, this band was great for a couple years.

ChrisDutch says:

Great tune from a good ’70’s band. Dale Krantz could belt them for sure.

Eric Husong says:

This is another great Freeway Jam from the surviving members of Lynyrd
Skynyrd band, its also touching at the same time.

CapAnson12345 says:

Roky – It’s Bob Burns the first drummer. He left the band after the second

vOn ubeRgruuV says:

Covered this one in the 80’s, forgot all about it. Long live the south! ]

249main says:

Miss this sound!

ryan thesurfman says:

who ever posted this, many thank you’s !!!!

WarHog38 says:

I have been into 70’s rock for forever and carried it right over into 80’s
Euro & US metal. I fully realize a bit odd for most tastes from both camps
but I like both with equal enthusiasm. I have to say this though from my
YouTube music listening experience. The metal heads upload their music with
the best intent of kick ass volume and the 70’s rockers give it no second
thought. Are we that damn old? A lot of these 70’s rock uploads put me to

Anthony Sanderson says:

Very Special Album…….RIP

Michael Linbrugger says:

Good Band back in the good days ! Skynrd was unbelievable rated ! 

sonicide south says:

god bless and keep all the fantastic people who have blessed us with their
talents thruout the years
…..yes and even GG allin

soheyman1 says:

@ Roky Erickson rocks : He’s Bob Burns, drummer on first two albums.

oldsarge101 says:

This is one of those songs that got lost in the jumble of corporate rock.
So many people say “why haven’t I hears this song before”? Just a great
song that mainstream music relegated to the backwater of great rock.
Besides, we all have a place where we missed a good song or two…

lakefield2112 says:

wonderful – thanks

George Allan says:

Truly a lost classic. Thank you VERY much for uploading this song & letting
me cry again.

Angie Williams says:

@GaryRossington #RossingtonCollins Amazing song Awesome Album cover
picture of the #Originals but we love the #todays +Lynyrd Skynyrd So glad
they keep the #SouthernRock Tradition of Lynyrd Skynyrd ALIVE & KICKING &
DOING VERY WELL! I know #Ronnie #Steve Would be So Proud!!!!

WVFreebyrd says:

Roky Erickson Rocks – It’s Bob Burns, original drummer for Skynyrd.


She friggin Rocks!!

Greg O says:


George Allan says:

and KSJO 92.5 in San Jose, CA played this ALL the time when it was released
back “when”.

David Otto says:

This song, this band, the feeling – are just pure bad ass. Dale Krantz’s
voice is so haunting and sexy. The riff of this song is classic
Jacksonville Southern Rock n’ Roll – and let me tell you – no one did it
like these guys. This the epicenter of southern rock&roll and the genesis
of southern metal. Allen Collins was incredible – no one sounded like him.

Greg A Maxwell says:

Simply the best ,cant get enuff of music as it was all I heard as my 7 yr
older sister took care of me back then ,she sure as hell knew how to rock
then ,took long time to find these artist and play it almost everyday is
the pleasure I get

whitebluesky says:

Good song.

Jeff Ernest says:

Lets not forget the haunting Billy Powell keyboards in this. It ties it all
together with goose bumps!

jeffery a says:

true old fashion rock>)

Brian Moore says:

Rossington-Collins Band – Don’t Misunderstand Me

tigershark203 says:

Saw these guys in Va. Beach (A. Collins was wasted!)….still a good show!

Jeff Ernest says:

Billy Powell on keyboards was what set Skynryd and Rossington Collins apart
and better then the rest of the southern rock genre! 

Woody Fisher says:

These guys could play some guitar!

Andy Wolf says:

There was a time when I HAD to listen to Skynyrd every day, and I remember
thinking “I will always listen to these guys…) I haven’t really listened
to them in 35 years. I just played this song and I, for true got
goosebumps. RCB was like “Thank God that they can try to still be Skynyrd.)
but RCB was a force. A musical, mystical force of fidelity blown clear and
clean from stylus to headphone and right smack dab into my soul. Really
grateful that this was posted.

tentcitykevin says:

Great music

D Enriquez says:

I had Almost forgotten about this Great song . . . Loved it from the
‘First Day’ & Still Lovin’ it !! 😀 Takes me Back to the Good ol’ Days .
. . 😉
Thank You 4 Sharing !! ;-)

jam2music says:

: )

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