Don’t Misunderstand Me with Travis Tritt

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Love them since first album, i think they are the REAL Lynyrd Skynyrd after
that fucking plane crash….after that tragedy the name had to be retired
in my opinion..

Fredrick Klopsch says:

Saw them when they played in NJ, their wasn’t a dry eye in the house when
they played “Freebird” instrumentally as the final encore.

weasle bronco says:

Travis Tritt !

Chrysblu3 says:

baby count your blessings cause you wont find one like me, I like that :)

Mark McCarty says:

Another great song that FM radio did not play. MM

Kenneth Viar says:

Awesome -Travis kills on this -this is some for real music!

William Dailey says:
charles clements says:

this isent real–this is real WTF–enjoy something man

Mark McCarty says:

Another great song that FM radio did not play. MM

charles berndt says:

I am the only one who listens lol lordie

Bob de bud says:

Wait am I stoned? is that ? no someone tell me who he is! please.

Bob de bud says:

fuk! it was trit. im a skynard fan from way back and never seen this.

David Otto says:

Dale is so gorgeous – bad ass

Greatlakesdecoy says:

I saw them in 88 on the first Skynyrd reunion tour. Allen Collins was in a
wheel chair and didn’t play. Looking at my ticket stub, I see that it was
the Rossington band and RCB. Still a good show!

Richard Anderson says:

No replacements please…

Anonymous says:

Sorry Ma!

Norm. Panganiban says:

I see another former skynyrd guitarist ed king who played on skynyrds first
album in this video hes wearing the black jacket

thegoodlife66 says:

Love it…this song brings back so many good memories….southern rock
kicks ass

Anonymous says:

All Rock is Southern Rock…Rock and Roll is Southern by definition.

Graham Nash says:

oh ya thats good

timin770 says:

odd how the wiki page for RCB does not list Ed King as a member

Dawn Bonamo says:

This is not the Rossington Collins Band. This is Skynyrd at a pay per view
special at the Fox Theater in Atl. Georgia on Feb 14, 1993. Travis Tritt
just sat in with them for this one tune!

Larry Carman says:

Should be Barry Lee Harwood singing with Dale. I think he co wrote the
song. His last album is really good, Southern Part of Heaven. Check that

Angie Lowe says:

I admire the fact that they call themselves Rossington Collins( & not L.S.)
This lady can sing…& loving Travis TRITT… this song is one of my all
time favorites~~….Travis does GREAT..

jaxflfreebird says:

This SUCKS. Travis TWITT sucks it big time. 

Graham Nash says:

oh ya thats good

Jamaal Crushaa says:

the first, and the best of post-Skynyrd groups.. they should’ve stayed with
this format.. instead they lost Allen Collins and produced a piece of crap
lp named back to the scene of the crime… lousy.. far from Southern Rock..
sales tanked and they reunited as Skynyrd with Johnny Van Zant.. Allen was
brought out in a wheel chair to introduce the new LS..

patrick staudt says:

i ment them backstage back in the 80s all i said was partys at my house
after the show and i dont remember what they said but it was cool i had
a whole bag of ludes maybe thats i dont remember ha to the f ing ha
caroyn coruzzi

Greg Kelley says:

Friday Music!!!! It’s a Southern Thang!!!!

Normo says:

I thought this was lynyrd skynyrd.

Bill Dillon says:

Where the hell is Allen?

Ty Maitland says:

oh ya thats good

davidallenroth says:

What year is this

Don Dunton says:

No Allen here. just a redneck Tritt boy.. The remnants of skynyrd crank but
travis sounds like hes choking on a dick.Cant stand fuckin country music,
reminds me of rap..oh,, thats right ,country faggots are now joining with
rappers.. LMMAO.. Kinda defeats the music and the purpose don’t it?
Anything for a buck huh .. Pathetic.

themrhelperguy says:

Yea southern rock

TheQuicksilverdog says:

Got that right! Miss those guys, thanks for making an Skynyrd fan go to

Fred Thompson says:

Oh I remember having this on casset tape.

monique mills says:

oh ya thats good

Ahna Ethington says:

When the crash happened Skynyd ended. Sadly greed and egos got in the way
and now they are only a tribute band to Skynyrd.Ronnie would have been

somepig2k says:

If you weren’t on the plane, you aint really in the band

Troy Martin says:

Rossington Collins Band – Don’t Misunderstand Me:

cruiser says:

the only thing I thought looked weird and funny actually, was travis
playing air guitar…are you kidding me?! he’s on the same stage with gary
rossington and wants to play it cool and play his imaginary guitar. LOL
if I were gary, I’d have something to say about travis’s mouth being that
close to my woman. there would damn sure be two mics.

James Ebert says:

I think it’s interesting to think what would have happened if Allen and
Gary would have looked very hard and found a singer/songwriter very similar
to Ronnie. He never would match Ronnie but Lynyrd Skynyrd may have
continued as NEAR the same quality

Norman Lunceford says:

Some members of this band died in the plane crash but the band does live on
and it does it very well. It has been passed down.

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