Down South Jukin’ (Gold & Platinum Version) – Lynyrd Skynyrd

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If I remember correctly, they’re tuned down a little.


leftygtrplayer says:

Thanks Tricker. I’m a long-time subscriber and look forward to all of your
videos. I saw Skynyrd (with Peter Frampton) at Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium
in June 1977, just 5 months prior to the plane crash. Great show, shortly
followed by a huge loss to the music world. Seeing the classic line-up was
a highlight of my concert going years. Thanks again, much appreciated.

rhino4943 says:

Awesome, Stone County by you know who,

joe121767 says:

You’re a great player. 

Bryon Zammit says:

Oh ya, hope we’re in for a whack of Skynyrd…

Scott Beaver says:


Mike J says:

Great Job Tricker, I love this tune. Is that a new axe? I don’t recall ever
seeing that one before.

Larry Ferguson says:

Great stuff Priv!
How about a lesson on Keith Richards’ version of Cocaine Blues? In honour
of the current Stones downunder tour in Aus?

Mark says:

What a cool riff, never heard it before. Love Lynyrd Skynyrd

KrispyKreatin says:

Hey PT, you like Atlanta Rhythm Section? 

van1976 says:

Oh yes, some ‘Skynyrd”….let me tell you about the time we had front row
center seats for Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Outlaws…back in the day (1975 or
76) we could sneak and mix our own drinks at the Orpheum
theater–Boston…my brother gave Ronnie van Zant a “Cape Codder”–no
foolin’…I have a picture of it…brings back the memories…those were
great times.
5 Stars!

James Ferraro says:

My favorite style of Rock-n-Roll guitar!! Nice job! Keep Rockin’

nursetom61 says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin are my 2 FAVORITE Rock bands. I may like
Skynyrd just a tad more than LZ. What can I say, I’m just a Southern
Country boy at heart. I guess growing up in S.E. Virginia makes me
Southern! Thanks for posting. how about a LESSON on the Freebird solo?

Myrtle Keane says:


gary brown says:

great song!!

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