Ed King & 1955 Les Paul Gold Top

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Ed King & his 1955 Les Paul Gold Top

Ed King, guitarist with the original Lynyrd Skynyrd band, posted this recently to his Facebook page. At home, relaxing and playing his 1955 Les Paul Gold Top. A pretty cool little peak inside Ed’s world.


Keith Wimmer says:

Hi, my name is Keith Wimmer and I first heard the SBAC likely in 67 but the song that blew me away was “Tomorrow”. Both the chord arrangement and the sustained as
to what ( and I had to asked a guitart salesman) was a neck pickup note. I loved a lot of the SWAC songs, “Sit WIth the Guru” (Yesterday’s invalidated-yea), Pretty Song, Barefoot in Baltimore, you really had skills that could be heard even before Skynrd. I have the documentary “Gone With the Wind: Lynrd Skynrd . It really shows your contribution. I think your leaving the band was totally justified. When you catch a cold you rest and it goes away. Your key creation to “Sweet Home Alabama” is far more than most professional musicians can’t even come close to. ‘Incense and Pepperment ” also for that matter. Ronnie Van Zant must have been been something to play with. I have a collect of Les Pauls, SG’s, a nighthawk, a couple of double cutaways, an all american strat and a squire tele which is thinner than an american tele, and a melody maker with two P90’s and full size headstock.
If I ever I go to Nashville I may bring my white strat and if I see you I would like to autograph it. I like what you say about Ronnie Van Zant: Take any 6 songs and they will tell you what he was like. That was a great ending to the Documentary.
To us Ed King fans, this was a great documentary to let us know a little about what you are like.

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