Eliot Wayne – Every Side Of Love

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Elliot Wayne Partridge Every Side Of Love

Eliot Wayne – Guitar//. Brian Mendes – Drums// Nick Lewis – Bass//.. Eliot Partridge. Video shot by City view productions in Austin, Texas. Power trio, Guitar driven blues rock. Best New artists. New Alternative rock.


bravospinach says:

I plan on it man!!!

azdztribute says:

Good stuff love the tele song has a great riff and hook to it…Keep it up!
Do you have a CD or DL for sale?

Slash C says:

Sou a primeira Brasileira a curti este vídeo? kkk Adorei!!! Detona Eliot
Wayne ….

splaijsen says:

Makes me sweat everytime i watch it huh…:)

Onespot Springer says:

Listened to this over and over and it keeps getting better! Great stuff
mate.. Put more videos up!! Cheers.


I said a prayer for y’all u have the right stuff…n ur most certainly
welcome Eliot…

eliotwaynemusic says:

I’m curious about your last comment.. Do you have a record label or know
some folks who do? Thanks , Eliot

splaijsen says:

It`s SWEDEN dude!! Were nine million people here and still we have/had
ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Base, Jill Johnsson, Europe, shit the list go on and
on. I am a drummer with SOME connections in the music business yes. But i
really belive in you and your band. The sound that you got, that feeling,,
man I`m telling you, youre gonna make it, I swear to god.

eliotwaynemusic says:

man that is cool.. I needed that this morning. good luck.

tawmbout says:

Eliot, may I ask you who your influences are?

Rodrigo Cavarsam says:

Congratulations man, i enjoyed your music and letter…. when i go to usa,
i wanna see you!!! abraço!!!!

eliotwaynemusic says:

thanks man. thats cool.

eliotwaynemusic says:

thank you a lot by the way.

eliotwaynemusic says:

Because I am

eliotwaynemusic says:

Thanks a lot. I just revisited the Chilean downhill bike ride video that
was on your page.. Is that crazy or what?

Lars Filipsson says:

I played this tune three times before I commented. This is pretty much the
best music I´ve heard in a very very long time! Love it! The world is in
desperate need of music heroes like you Eliot! Subscribed (and shared on fb
in Sweden!).

sinester poisel says:

honest to gods truth he looks like liam nesson when he was younger lol if
you dont know who that is just look up taken, the grey, dark man, unknown,
the kingdom of heaven, rob roy, battleship, everyone should know this one
(star war), five minutes of heaven, nell, batman begins, michael collins,
kinesy, schindlers list and tons of others sorry im just a huge fan of liam
nesson haha sorry i just wanted to give you a couple of good ones that way
your not stuck searching haha

John Smith says:

Awsome. I wish you the best.

eliotwaynemusic says:

I was thinking about this..probably the biggest ones would be SRV clapton
zztop grunge sound. ozzy, tool, van halen, vince gill, phil collins,
metallica, buddy holly, other oldies, dwight yoakum rocks too…theres a
bunch more too. . romantics, flock of seaguls… shoot man I like classical
and hip hop as well… thanks a lot sir

TheCyberPotato says:

High Fives!!! Some nice hooks. What else ya got? Keep it rollin …

Gio gunner says:

impressed, this is something new, cool voice. looking for more of your music

Renee Sears says:


bravospinach says:

Schweeeeeet !!!! Gunna definitely follow this guy’s career…

azdztribute says:

Elliot if you ever come out to Phx, AZ you better msg me man! I love your
stuff bro you should be signed and touring IMHO…Keep up the good work and
get that record deal you deserve!

Greg Boardman says:

Rock’n… Greg ..the Knight Watchman

Patience Andrews says:

Love some Eliot Wayne

DC Hunter says:

This guy kicks ass; It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone like this
come along. He just rocks in a raw way that not many people can.
Nice job Eliot.

Cindy Petrin says:

Great song? Are you on twitter? Would love to follow and keep up with
your music

Marius N says:

This remembers me of pearl jam its like a grunge country rock bravo!!@

PlayItAgainLouder says:

I’m in a F/B music group with a couple hundred members from all over the
world. We share all kinds of music with each other, mostly classic
youtubes, but I really dig the sound of this song so I shared it with the
group today – sure to widen the listening radius of Eliot’s music. Rock on

carlos roussin says:

lots of respect from this canadian, brother your hell on wheels !

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