Eliot Wayne – Lost in you

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http://www.eliotwaynemusic.com – Video shot by Alex Henley @ Ensite Austin.
Best New artists. Eliot Wayne. http://www.eliotwaynemusic.com.

Best New Music. Texas guitar , Country Blues Rock. Alternative. Great guitarists. Original music, songs. New bands. Southern Rock. Austin bands.


Benny Miller says:

So great.

FluidMotionMedia says:

We searched long and hard for a guitar driven southern rock tune for a
sailing video we were producing when we came across this gem. Kindly, Eliot
allowed us to use it in the video. We’ve now introduced Eliot Wayne to some
of the sailing community. Search “Viper 640 Sportboats at Charleston Race
Week 2012” in YouTube to see sail boats racing cut to the song. Thanks
again guys!

Lincoln Man says:

Checkout the new Eliot Wayne Music Facebook Page too. Free downloads and

Nora Steele says:

I found you by accident – never heard of you before – Great music! AWESOME!

Cole Beasley says:

black drummer!.. fuck yeah!

Angel Baggett says:

Get with me Eliot! I want to help you with your branding image! Look me up
on facebook! Angel Sullins Baggett

sinester poisel says:

hey eliot has anyone ever told you that you look like liam nesson haha i
dont mean that in a rude way at all ether lol i just mean you have alot of
his treats haha

geetarxist says:


eliotwaynemusic says:

Hey thanks.. same to you! good luck. I ll be checkin’ you all out.

mickster103 says:

cool vibe – all about classic rock – same here that’s what we’re about too!

SalRastegar says:

Really crisp rock and roll, a great listen

Ethan Everhart says:

i really like this

Timothy Thibault says:

Groovin lick man, glad I found this ­čÖé

Hellcast Radio says:

what is the name of this song??

Shammamy says:

This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any arlcties on rehab?

Nora Steele says:

I’m in NY – been to Texas only once – (Houstin, West Texas) Great food,
beautiful women & the “Texas tailgate” is something we New Yorkers can
relate to- love the idea of getting the heck out of someone’s way if they
want to pass.-lol

aTacoNinja says:

The drummers face kills me everytime I watch this bet he is cool af lol

christopher campbell says:

i have a few hours of film from the road off and on the past few years i’ve
collected , you fellas need a video and i need more practice learning to ”
trim ” the film . if y’all are interested in a video with you all injected
throughout with visuals of the road , landscape and sky hovering around the
narrative of your lyrics let me know , it’s free

Pearl jam HcR says:

adorei !

eliotwaynemusic says:

go to eliotwaynemusic.comand there is a free download on there, plus some
other tunes for dollar eACH. thanks a lot man.. i am like half polish by
the way..

William Murray says:

I’ve been looking for some new music like this for years. MAN this is good

Nora Steele says:

I’m a product designer – I design mens & women’s jewelry & accessories &
women’s work out gear & other things.Do you write your own music?

eliotwaynemusic says:

lost in you

ToonArmy1895 says:

crikies…. that’s good.

Luca Brunetti says:

Great groove!!!!!Very impressive trio….from italy

eliotwaynemusic says:

Thank you . I appreciate it.. Happy new year to you.

Shane Bane says:

Visceral my good friend. Thanks for posting!

tim williams says:

wow, found this on accident, glad i did your music jams, be in the motor
city anytime soon, thanks TIM

TheArtistIsStarving says:

i dont like this. just saying lol

Isaiah Kaiser says:

this an awesome mix between alternative and country/southern rock.

staggerian says:

Hey folks! Great clear and pure music! I’m really glad that I have found
it! I’m really proud for the people who do things like this reminding us
that music still can be “made” with using instruments. Cool sound, cool
voice, cool riffs, carry on! Greetings from Hungary´╗┐

Kazumi Dawkins says:


James LaBounty says:

Love this music! ´╗┐

James LaBounty says:

Very good ! Thank you! ´╗┐

Ericsrandomworld says:

Dig it brother! Keep on rockin’.´╗┐

Shane72634 says:

Love it! From Norfolk county, England m/´╗┐

Jacob Contreras says:

Badass brother !!!´╗┐

Daniel Sanders says:

I represent artists for a living. Eliot is one of those that falls in
between what smart ears seem unable to capture and what is ridiculously
apparent at the same time. ´╗┐

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