Eliot Wayne

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Eliot Wayne

http://www.eliotwaynemusic.com. New Alternative Rock. Country Rock. New Southern Rock from Texas.

This video shot/produced/edited by Chuck Miller- Austin, Texas. Chuck Miller productions.


sjwiffle says:

nice! i like this stuff

HughesUFCFan says:


eliotwaynemusic says:

that is great. ! Made my night man. thanks. hope to get some more stuff
recorded soon

sjwiffle says:

haha thank you

azdztribute says:

Very good you got a really cool mix of music styles, keep it up! If your
not signed to a major label they are missing out on a hit maker IMHO.

eliotwaynemusic says:

Thank you very much. I’m glad to know you enjoyed it. take it easy

eliotwaynemusic says:

thanks fellas. Hope you all are still playing and driving hotrods

eliotwaynemusic says:

cool. glad you dig the new tune.

Glenn Patete says:

You guys have a new fan from venezuela,great song and sound!

sleepingdogstheband says:

great sound, love it

eliotwaynemusic says:

Thanks A lot. Just did this one recently. Nice wiffling by the way!

adam wood says:

Yea ! Amazing harmonies in chorus, Eliot is the man ! Only just discovered
this I’m liking it a lot !!!! Love from the good old uk

eliotwaynemusic says:

thank u.

soroeta berri says:

Great song. Amazing voice. I like so much. New fan from Basque Country in

eliotwaynemusic says:

Nice. Venezuela. Thanks a lot for the comment. Glad you like it.

nc beachman says:

you guys sound great, you got a fan from north carolina now

Todd Berry says:

Great music I’d like to sign you to my label call us at 740 583-4400

eliotwaynemusic says:

thanks a lot man. i appreciate it.

Tom Bow says:

Nice!!! New Fan from Germany Bavaria 🙂

Andrzej Pasterczyk says:

Very cool song. Good luck

MrRuss64 says:

I fuckin luved it

dannytwheeler says:

You are a bad mad eliotwayne!

dannytwheeler says:

er…a Bad Man! (You get it!)

eliotwaynemusic says:

Hey man.. Thanks A lot. That’s really nice of you to say. I am glad you
like the stuff. Hope to have more vids up in future.. Eliot

dutchomatic says:

Just found you guys on KACC radio from Alvin TX. You guys are great. Keep

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