Four Walls of Raiford – Lynyrd Skynyrd

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The Essential -

Lynyrd Skynyrd Four Walls of Raiford

from the Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd album released on MCA Records in 1998

Written by Ronnie Van Zant and Jeff Carlisi (former 38 Special guitarist) this is the undubbed demo version. This is absolutely one of my favorite Skynyrd songs. Take a listen to the bonus track I found and included on Jamey Johnson doing Four Walls of Raiford from the Sweet Home Alabama: A Country Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd album

It was also included on the Lynyrd Skynyrd Box Set released in 1991.



John Bell says:

i did some time at raiford a few years ago and every time I walked that
yard I sang this song . it helped me get through and I hope everyone that’s
doin time and there families get through it and become better people for it
god bless I did time at raiford and I sang this song every time I walked
that yard .it helped me through some hard times away from my family. god

ChurchOfKali66619 says:

@lonesoilder27 Brother, your grief is mine. I lost my soul mate about
thirty years ago and it was my damned fault she died. At least, you didn’t
cause yours to die through your own idiocy. Blessed Be, kinsman, I’ll see
you all in the Summerland. We’ll jam with Ronniue and the boys.

cooper9155610 says:

I allmost forgot about this song I love it and I love Jamey Johnson singing

Thomas TE Richmond says:

Thanks for the upload. I believe thats Jeff on dobro.

hastyberford says:

@lonesoilder27: Whoa.

cybillify bla says:

2:10…frank “mourning ralph”..ralph “mourning frank”

Fishrocksalamander says:

its sad to think our government still does this shit to our war vets today.

Angie Williams says:

That was nice guys!!! 🙂

bigmidland says:

good road huntin song, awesome upload!

conguard1 says:

I work at that prison. 🙂

Tony Beazley says:

I wouldn’t say the new cd sounds anything like Skynyrd…more like
TheVanZant Brothers sound….with a little old Johnny Van Zant BAnd thrown

zadeee100 says:

love this!

shane henning says:

great song


I agree. If they find me, they must kill me. Death is better than Florida

Van Zant says:

I don’t think Johnny could do this song. His voice is too high. I have
never heard him do it. Ronnie’s voice had a deeper more penetrating tone.

steven mcconaughy says:

peace to bush axe who will never see the light of day for chopping off a
fellow inmates head with a axe. hence, bush axe!! much love to him and all
the other soldiers i was with. one

Shawn Bradley says:

there are no walls in the middle east

raymond chandler says:

I was listening to skynyrd down in Kansas that one fine day and this white
guy approached my sayin “that’s whiteboy music there ndn u r listening to”
all I could say was them dar whitenz can surrr play dam tunes.PARTY ON

raiford70 says:

lynrd skynyrd

Scroggie 16 says:

Scroggie16! Wake UP AMERICA!

Daniel Carneiro says:

Can you guys please tell me more songs like this one? I just loved it.

João Sousa says:

Sorry to Johnny, but Ronnie had something more in his singings, it’s
different, but it had a special conection with the words, we kinda could
feel lyrics in ourself.

Robert Bush says:

although this song is under the Skynyrd Banner, its just Ronnie, Jeff
Carlisi & Jack Daniels at 3:00 am in the studio…great song!

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TonySkyRush says:

I love both versions! I do like the harmonic additions, they are
unforgettable and add a nice touch to the lyrics which he exclaims; “Well
I’m one of America’s “hero’s” and when they shoot me down,
Won’t you fly old glory proudly. put my medals in the ground” 

drummerdummy says:

get rid of the FUCKING COMMERCIAL!!!

leann lewis says:

Up until now I thought this was the only version. I’ll have to look around
for this other version all of you commenters are commenting about.

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