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Jeff Schader says:

Love the first part where it features the real Lynyrd Skynyrd. The other
half is nothing more than a cover band. I don’t care if it’s Ronnie’s
brother and Rossington. Without Ronnie, Steve Gaines and the incredible
Allen Collins it is not Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Benjamin Dover says:

if i could make a time maschine it would be to go back in time just to
watch that crazy chick dance at 18:35 idk if u like 60 yr old now honey
still sexy back then

deb raymond says:

long ago and not so far away I got pulled over for speeding
my ex ws ”but it was freebird on the radio’ 

Ken Darnell says:

Slash at 16:48

Kammers10 says:

Yes they were! Saw them in ’76. Still can’t believe they’re gone. One
member left?

martin garrity says:


Donna Yasko says:

Must watch!

TheChuck624 says:

Almost 37 years later and I still recall riding to high school in the
morning and hearing the news on WLS Chicago about the plane crash. It was
a sad day. I don’t think a band has ever had as much influence on me as
Skynyrd. Thank You for posting this.

Winston Dodd says:

Jo Jo Billingsley was a distant cousin. Some of her family lives across the
street from us.

Bryan Allen says:

Dana, your a fucktard. You know very little about music & even less about
L.S. you dim-witted moron. Street Survivors was by far, one of there best
albums. And for you to say Steve Gaines was the reason or was to blame for
the plane crash, shows just how retarded you really are, you sorry sack of
shit. If you would bother to do any research, you would’ve learned that the
crash was caused by pilot error due to the pilot dumping some of the fuel
or what was left, out by accident, when he tried to switch it over to the
other engine. But in a way, the band was at fault to a point, cos they even
said themselves, that a fire was on one of the engines one night, so why
continue to use that plane is anyone’s guess, cos I sure wouldn’t. But as
far as Steve Gaines goes, he was a great talent that brought allot of
energy to the band. And your a great idiot for posting shit you know
nothing about. And I wanna thank ya for that, ya silly bastard, cos you
gave us REAL KNOWLEDGEABLE SKYNYRD FANS a good laugh. And I’m gonna
disable the replies button, cos I refuse to talk horse sense to a JACKASS. 

MamaBoots007 says:

God, that Allen Collins was sexy as hell!

lsuman38 says:

Hard to believe going on 40 years since the freebird hit the ground. I was
in electronics class in High School when I heard the tragic news.

Kammers10 says:

Omg, they’re ALL gone! Leon in 2001. Only 51! They ALL died, and died
young. Feel like crying, seeing them a year later the crash…

Michael Rushlander says:


Blackhawk6699 says:

cool movie

André Zanatta says:
George Thompson says:

If you want to see the original and greatest lineups of Skynyrd, check out
the Winterland concerts ’74-’75, Asbury Park ’77. This was the greatest of
them all! Such a shame the heart & soul RVZ passed. What could have
been! God Bless them all.

thatJCguy says:

Jesus, that one song with Dale Krantz singing is hard to stomach. She had a
great voice, but she’s annoying as fuck. She fronts the band like a goddamn
soap opera actress. Not to mention, she broke up the greatest guitar duo

Anders Lundberg says:

This is GOLD.bought the dvd years ago

william Jones says:

drugs,sex & rock n roll kick ass southren rock wooooooo!!!!!

Michael Rushlander says:

these boys defined “CLASS ACT”

Solid State says:

Bo Duke on vocals.

Elizabeth Sloane says:

listen, oct 1977, they died, cant be no re-creation, they were the best and
no one can replace them

Robert Sloane says:

I will have too agree, the ABB were the first and the best of the southern
rock, they basically invented southern rock, with Dickey and Daune, shoot,
they were off the charts..

Gray Raymond says:

I love this movie freebird I could watch it over and over again. 

Dana Katzman says:

Street Survivors was a showcase for guitarist/vocalist Steve Gaines, who
had joined the band just a year earlier on the recommendation of his sister
Cassie. Publicly and privately, Ronnie Van Zant marvelled at the multiple
talents of Skynyrd’s newest member, claiming that the band would “all be in
his shadow one day.”

This is the curse that killed them, Ronnie Van Zant thinking this

kyle wynne says:

these actors look a lot like the actual band. great casting

Michael Rushlander says:

this concert is in perfect synch–whoever thinks not THINKS NOT!

rowena zulueta says:


Lake Baikal says:

1:14 commenting on Neil Young, Then singing Sweet Home Alabama :)

simon casson says:

Recognize both acts were phenomenal. Very different. Without them: no
“Southern Rock” genre for all to enjoy. Sad 4 young men, in their prime,
rising to exosphere levels, were taken – and no-one knows what might have
been. Duane-Berry, Ronnie-Steve all irreplaceable. Living fast/hard, taking
risks – is what men with fire and soul do. For whatever reason tragedies
occur – I think about the survivors and families wishing it were different
for them. Peace…

Bertholdo Geyer says:

Thanks for sharing … absolutely great!!! 

Elder Harry L. Jackson says:

ISIS. Who? You gonna cut guys like these heads off? Rotsa ruck to you, man.
These are AMERICANS.

Rob McQ says:

Nice !!!

Backup218 says:

Amazing I haven’t listened to these guys in 30 yrs probably but this music
never gets old
Well, I’m a whiskey rock-a-roller
That’s what I am
Women, whiskey and miles of travellin’
Is all I understand

Carlo Muro says:

It still amazes me how good they sounded live. Most bands don’t really
sound that great when live. This is almost studio quality. Not sure how
they pulled that off

ProPromotions says:

I remember this day well. RIP to my FAVORITE band of all time!

ripedecomp says:

They say they are not a “southern ” rock band . I guess they’re eastern .
And ,
bummer , all washed up after that crash . Love to hear those pre train
wreck tunes
growing up .

Dana Katzman says:

They died in a plane crash because they let Steve Gaines start writing alot
of the songs. It’s a karmic thing. Steve Gaines, his sister and Ronnie Van
Zant died in the crash. If only they didn’t let Steve Gaines change the
band that plane crash never would of happened.
Also at the time of “Street Surviours” their best days were behind them,
probaly the reason Ronnie Van Zant let Steve Gaines write songs for ”
Street Surviours”. He knew he was done and didn’t care anymore.

Denis Molk says:

the best

ralf-peter oberüber says:


Busta Hymen says:

Allen Collins, the man who began Freebird, will live forever in the hearts
and minds of all true Skynyrd lovers. Born to tear that guitar up and write
tunes like so many that he wrote with LS and with his own bands, he was a
true musical genius and a down to Earth person. God bless his soul. 

Robert Sloane says:

wow, granted the 2 bands played different styles, but ABB were by far the
more advanced and better artistically, btw steve gaines and gregg allman
were worlds apart, gregg could belt out a song far above ronnie, come on
man.. listen…

Sircooligor14 says:

alguem tem legenda???

ur1 sab says:

Sorry, but the Allman Brothers were the 1st and best Southern rockers in
their early days.

wearybutwilling says:

Fantastic! There is so much concert footage that I hadn’t seen before and
the talent of Skynyrd is untouchable. Just to watch the original band
members together in action brings tears to my eyes because I cant help but
go the plane wreck and other deaths since then. I heard Billy Powell
died from a heart attack a few years back. All of it is just SO sad but yet
to watch them all together, in perfect Skynyrd form is magical. The hell
house had been referred to many times by the guys and that is where they
worked so hard to create the Skynard sound. I remember one interview where
I THINK they were referring to how they “recruited ” Collins. It could have
been some body else but the story is what was so funny. Everybody was so
afraid of Ronnie in the neighborhood , that when he came calling people
scattered real quick. It was said the Collins hid in a tree to get away
from Ronnie. They had to say, “no man, he’s not gonna hurt you, he just
wants to talk to you about music.” I laughed so hard imagining that
picture. The guys were really close. I heard Ronnie say in an interview
that he wrote Free Bird , fishing, looking up at the birds thinking how
free they were. I also look the fact that Skynyrd wouldn’t buckle down to
the records boys and make their songs shorter. Ronnie said” take it or
leave it. No changes in our music.” Thanks for putting this together, John.
you did a great job!

Jason T says:

37 years ago today the plane carrying the band #LynyrdSkynyrd crashed in
the swamps of Mississippi killing Ronnie, Steve, Cassie and Dean as well as
both pilots. In my opinion one of the most talented and underrated bands
ever. This video is from a huge concert they did in England 1 year before
the crash, as well as tells the story of the band, its a great watch if you
are a fan of music and history. Also, IMO one of the top 2 tragedies in
music history. I’m still a huge fan, own every album and have seen the
current lineup of Skynyrd 22 times since 1997.

+Lynyrd Skynyrd

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