Freedom and Whiskey – Whiskey State of Mind

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Júlio Franco de Sá says:

Segura essa…

pitbull8myguitar says:

these cats got a molly hatchet vibe goin on

Lasse2112 says:

Why the hell would anybody listen to new crap like Nickelback, when there’s
bands like Freedom & Whiskey?

george trice says:

great song nice thanks

webkdd40 says:

Sounds good,I’m glad somebody keeping that southern shit going.

G Cordova says:

More Volume….

rocker721000 says:

thank god for you tube where u can come and listen to real music

fulltruck says:

I hear a little Zep…..some In my time of dying and some Levee breaks
Harp! I’m diggin it.

barefootmusic says:

Oh You Guys rock the socks off this lady’s toes.Oh My! lead
vocals..outstanding, so Love the harp (harmonica) Great chord progressions.
Hmmm …mmmm …mmmm Have Mercy!

richard white says:

That’s definitely the best new music that I’ve heard in along time , you
gotta love it!!

YankeeRhoad says:

This is bad ass ♫♥♫

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