Gregg Allman – Come And Go Blues

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Gregg Allman Come and Go Blues

Its quite possibly the finest acoustic version he ever recorded. The lush sea saw rhythmic echoes of the guitar coupled with the gritty yet over powering bellow of his voice as it comes and goes, sums up to a great combination of experience , timing and deep emotion which leads to inevitable perfection. Even with the obvious chord mishap towards the bridge of the song, it rings true and pure. Full of what really makes a great performance of an given song!

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Ed Gamboa says:

It’s not that intricate, I’ve been playing for almost 2 years and it’s
becoming clearer to me how he plays. He’s build up on his own habits of
hitting certain chords in natural picking pattern. Natural to him because
everyone developes uniquely. It’s like Travis picking only he just does is
how he feels. Dickie Betts now he’s bad ass on guitar.

Fredrik G says:

such a powerful voice can’t even try to describe it

samhain1967 says:

Yes… Ronnie Van Zant!!!

christine johns says:

sexy, talented, just Amazing, i love the young Gregg Allman
and if i ever find someone that looks and sounds this good .
the rest of the world will not matter !!!!! 

Mazen Chabib says:

thank you technical problem

Reza A says:

Thank you for not taking pee break Mr. camera man. You must have been

silvana torres says:
Joseph Coleman says:

best thing i ever saw

Diana Heaberlin says:

What a wonderful discovery! Always love Greg Allman! Thanks!

Robert Lynch says:

Too many lost. Too many gone.

Cerph says:

Old soul artist- at his best.

mauricio pardo says:


Kenneth Kahn says:

Excellent song!

beverly wright says:

come and go blues never go away!!

Richard Breault says:

one of his best, this is the talent Duane, loved his “baby
brah” for,he knew Greg could belt out ,with Soul,and Emotion.

Ivano D'Alimonte says:

problema tecnico in studio….wow!

John G says:

Got the album, classic.

Danielle Tapee says:
tubenmarkus says:

how cool, Walter White wears a cowboy-hat and plays the guitar very well ^^

Mitchell Blanton says:

This is the greatest acoustic performance I’ve ever heard! Gregg’s vocals
cut me deep.

Michael Davis says:

Love how he swears when he screws up. Most of us watching this are probably
musicians and have done that a thousand times. Gregg Allman is apparently

TheJackflash85 says:

Greg is Always about half dosed and still dead bang on !

10ga says:

One of my all time favorites. Thanks for uploading

tubenmarkus says:

ups, wrong vid 😀 I ment the Allman Brothers-Jessica vid. sry for

David McGinnis says:
xianforaday says:

Great ad hoc performance and superb sound quality. What mics were those –

Katherine Gullett says:

Gives me serious goose bumps!

fattirevsbud says:

Never thought I’d learn a cool guitar riff from a keys player, thanks Greg
u rock!

tara livesey says:

Sexiest man alive~

David Evans says:

Talk about talent… here he is, just messing around. Basically a throw
away, killing time, working up a song maybe, whatever. Not what he would
consider a serious performance. Yet if this was on American Idol the judges
would be jaw-dropped. They’d say he was the next big thing. This is so
superior to anything that happens on that show, or any of those talent
shows. And he’s the brother to what many think is the best
blues-rock-southern-rock guitar player ever. And his brother Duane had to
convince him to be in the band, Greg had other plans. I really think we
under estimate some of the talent from that time, the early 70s.

Loo Wood says:

A master at his art in his element. Thanks for the lesson Gregory. Maximum

theseethered1 says:

My fiend Dusty looks exzactly like Gregg.creepy..

Smoking Cat says:

Not to be racist or anything but this guy has the black soul in ‘im.

Marilyn Fisher says:

I am “WOWED”!!!!. Acoustic is awesome

lokijam says:

Truly amazing. It’s great to see artists do their thing when the lights and
cameras aren’t “supposed” to be rolling. One of his finest tunes.

Satria says:

I am not much of a TV watcher, but this was the rare coiecrmmal that actually made me get up and go into another room to see who’s coiecrmmal it was so I could track down the song. Hopefully there will be an official MP3 released. Someone above suggested a site that basically rips the audio out of a YouTube video, but 1. it’s the same artist, but not quite the same as the one on your coiecrmmal (still good though!), and 2. I’m pretty darned sure the artist doesn’t get anything for getting it that way. A buck is not a lot to ask for a song, so the artist SHOULD get paid. (remember when you had to buy a whole album just to get the song you wanted if it wasn’t available as a single ?)Oh . I am having a problem with my box spring. It’s over 10 years old, and at long last something went wrong with it . the plastic corner protector came loose. I am appalled at the quality! JUST KIDDING! For a bed that age it’s in pretty darned good shape!

Alter Schwede says:


Nancy L. McGill says:
Coffee Break Grooves says:

Gregg Allman – Come And Go Blues

Greenlightfilming says:

I’m sure Zakk Wylde is influenced by Gregg, especially after watching his
Pride and Glory stuff.

tootz1950 says:

Flat ripped out of his mind and can still play and sing like this. That’s

Klaatu Barada-Nikto says:

fucks up at 4:17…you hear him go ‘sheeee’….still great version and a

Marion Livi says:

Gregg Allman – Come And Go Blues: WOW, WHAT A

Di S says:

This is one of my faves and the video, too..

Gregg Allman – Come And Go Blues

Tacomadome24 says:

damn that feels good for a blues tune!

Jur Venema says:

Beautiful music by Gregg Allman

marto880 says:

This is remarkable piece of work Gregg did, it always brings me back for
more. Thanks for the upload.

Katrina Hamilton says:

I still can’t believe this man kissed me on my cheek during one of his
shows. Uncle Sam’s, Hull Massachusetts 1980. I was 16yrs old. 

wearybutwilling says:

I sometimes wondered if this was MEANT to be this way, but it’s just TOO
GOOD and off the cuff to be something that wasn’t spontaneous. I agree with
audio glass. this is one of the finest acoustic verses he ever recorded.
Greg was more comfortable behind a keyboard. He once said he was given the
guitar and Dwayne took over and mastered that guitar before he(Greg) ever
really learned to play it.( don’t jump me because I misspelled the way
Dwayne spelled his name.) Just too lazy to go look right now.:)GREAT FIND
and post!

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