Gregg Allman – I’m No Angel

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Richard Lee says:

Very nice !

Wriggles says:

Makes me wanna become an actual Redneck…

Wally Rogers says:

No, I’m no angel. No, I’m no stranger to the dark
Let me rock your cradle, let me start a fire in your heart
Oh, come on, baby, come and let me show you my tattoo
Let me drive you crazy, come on and love me, baby

grant taylor says:

not really. but im try n.

Jack Frankenberg says:

TRY ME BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!

4nuk8r says:

And – I think to myself – “this awesome tune from Gregg . . . what might
Duane have given us had he lived longer . . . ? “

MrMarshalltucker says:

I can relate.

julianuary says:

Gotta give credit to Chaz Trippy on percussion and awesome dance moves! :)

Anthony U says:

He sounds just like Bruce Springsteen here lol! Great song!

Kat Stells says:

Oh ya

1GirlieGirl says:

Oh Gregg Gregg Gregg you sexy mutherfucker!

fennis26 says:

I’ve always liked the song but I’ve never liked the drum sound, sounds
almost programmed.

tracey crandall says:

An old fiend friend of my moms was said to have been married to Toler….I
wonder if this was true….

m Livingston says:

The elderly man seen in the beginning and throughout the video is Vance
DeBar Colvig Jr. He voiced “Chopper” the dog on Yogi Bear cartoons, was on
David Lee Roth’s video “Just a Gigolo” as well as in the movie “UHF” with
weird Al.
RIP Vance, thanks for making us laugh with your unique characteristic smile
and persona.

Heather Combs; Teardrops that Tango says:

Miss you mom!

Jeebus McJunior says:

the most redneck sentence ever, let me show you my tattoo

ChrisDutch says:

Bests song he ever did when he wasn’t working with the Allman Brothers.
R.I.P. Dan Toler, great guitarist.

Billy Shields says:

R.I.P Frankie and Dan Toler

John Sauchelli says:
Wildman says:

Awesome song..

Marisol Cortez says:

ew…gregg allman’s BDSM rape fantasy.

Bubba Keng says:

Not enough whiskey in that bar to wash off the taste of Cher

Debra Knight says:

I’m no Angel

Marisol Cortez says:

also…he’s playing the keys in this vid, but doesn’t sound like there are
keys in the song. just sayin.

sly guy says:

Im definitely no fuck’n angel.

Tommy Perkins says:

Check these Chicks out….

Mr X says:

Typical middle 80’s (1987) video with women that look more qualified for a
porn film than an old west bar scene.

Ann Marie Patko says:

show me that tattoo

Dave Pipe says:

1986 – Gregg Allman was arrested for drunk driving in Florida.
#dapimusic #mymusichangout #southernrock #greggallman #onthisday

Linda Kendall says:

Gregg Allman – I’m No Angel:

Mike Thaxton says:

Gregg Allman – I’m No Angel:

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