Johnathan East – On The Redneck Side (Lyrics)

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Official Music Video for Johnathon East’s “A Little On The Redneck Side”


Well, I come from the South, I’m a rolling stone
The woods of Alabama is where I call my home
I’m a country boy and I don’t belong
Among the bright lights of L. A.
Got a pick-up truck with a straight pipe sound
Come Friday night, I ride through town
Got the radio up and windows rolled down
All the women they look my way.

‘Cause I’m a fun loving, beer chugging, reckless kind that don’t take nothing
Put me down, we can sure enough step outside
I like Jim Beam and John Wayne, us good ole boys we’re all the same
With a big hell yeah and a whole lot of American pride
Just a little on the Redneck side.

Weekend comes, I’ve got a steel guitar
Blaring out loud from a roadhouse bar
So put a dollar in that ole tip jar
And play another country song
We got late night women and ole pool halls
Cigar smoke and barroom brawls
And with them deer heads up on the wall
Honey, that’s what I call home.

Faded jeans and a flannel shirt
Carhartt boots caked up in dirt
Living fast and living free
Don’t give a damn what you think of me.

Yeah, just a little on the redneck side.
Just a little on the redneck side.

Johnathan East
Born and raised in Clay County, Alabama, Singer / Songwriter Johnathan East has always had a passion for music. He started playing guitar around the age of thirteen and began writing and singing songs about his southern country life, the lifestyle that he grew up around, in addition to stories that came from true life experiences and down home living.

After years of just playing for friends, Johnathan decided to break out into the local music scene. He played at wedding receptions, birthday parties and private events in and around his hometown of Lineville, Alabama. Playing around town, the locals fell in love with this modern country singer because of his genuine style and his rebel attitude.

His first appearance in the local music scene was at AJ’s restaurant in Anniston. He was soon known across east Alabama and parts of Georgia for his different style of country music. Johnathan was making his way to the top of the local music scene. His music career was becoming a success after all the hard work and dedication he put into his passion and love of music. In 2007, Johnathan released his very first self-produced album, “Grits and Gravy”. In the years that followed, Johnathan released several more albums, “One Horse Town”, “Hayseed”, “Fresh Out of Love Songs” and his most recent album, “Hangin’ By a Thread”.

In December, 2011, Johnathan decided to take his music production to a whole different level. He released a music video to his song “American Boy” and with that, he had so much positive feedback, that he immediately began working on a second music video. This video was to his original song that is a fan favorite, “A Little on the Redneck Side”. He released this video in April, 2013, and with the video, the popularity of the song continues to grow.

With all of Johnathan’s songwriting ventures thus far and more to come in the future, he decided to form his own Publishing Company, Triple East Music and his own music company, Triple E Entertainment, LLC, both which promote his original music.

In addition to songwriting, Johnathan East has recently been touring around the Southeast playing his original music, along with a number of country and southern rock cover songs as an acoustic act and with The Johnathan East Band
Johnathan East – Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Mel Vance – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Chris (Pappy) Cosby – Banjo/Steel/Fiddle
Jason Lovett – Drums
Jeff Haynes – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Jessica McCarty – Tambourine/Vocals


savannah day says:

love country music so so much <3 <3 <3<3<3


am hier cos of Piwdipay 

northcountryflyers says:

Love it…..

North Country Flyers

Willy Potts says:

Yes Sir!

Georges Zebo says:


Ross game plays says:

You will never me or us English men doing that stuff

pilot026 says:

Heyy bro am latínamerican !!! I feel USA member !!! Look forward always !!
Nice song

The Whole Truth says:

Great sound and terrific banjo work…loved it
General Lee…hell yeah!

Jordan Freeman says:

Awesome song! You’ve got a big fan in Germany now. I love this song. Thank

Frederique Lavios says:

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Music Cruise Ever! Norwegian Cruise Line, Oct 23-30,
2015 round-trip from Miami through the Caribbean. A whole week of live
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Dan Howard says:

Great music!

Jennifer Erwin says:

You need to get famous !!!! :)

godistv says:

I Love it!!. Greetings from Spain.

Tyler Perry says:

Stumbled on to you somehow through the right side of recommended songs. You
channeled your inner Hank Jr. on this song. Awesome video too. Love it.
Buying it on amazon, will sound good in my Dodge on 54’s!

David Barger says:

Thanks Johnathan your music is getting me through this deployment. 

Marl King says:

Johnathan East – A Little On The Redneck Side (Of…:

Ford Fan 2904 says:

Some gangsta shit goin’ on here huh?

Benwin Altenburger says:

good job, man! really great music. greetings from germany

Amy Napier says:

Super cute song! I like it quite well. Definitely a lot of truth in it,
especially where I come from! Keep it up darlin!! :)

Jordan Wiley says:

Good song. The General Lee is a plus too. 

999pyroboy says:

for sure one of my favorite songs i listen to it every day like 10 times
for 4 months now ans it still isn’t getting boring :D

arcyfatale says:

This is the stuff Daryl Dixon would listen to. lol!

Ahmed Al-Mudhi says:

Lots of love from saudi arabia. This is a very nice american song. Lol rap
is kinda shity to me 

The Channel of Stuff says:

My ideal life when I’m retired

Christian Yaney says:

I’m from the bright lights of LA and i blast this song with my truck
windows down all throughout LA. Just a little on the redneck side on the
west coast right here

McKinneyMonster says:

This is such a great true country song. Love from a fellow Redneck but I
live in CA. I wish I lived down south. GO DIXIELAND!!!!!

Dario Verardo says:
Exquisitus MC says:

im actually digging this tune, good work fellas

Hi Tech Redneck Hank Esquivias says:

Johnathan East – A Little On The Redneck Side 

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