Legends of Southern Rock-Super Jam1987

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From the Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam in 1987

Gary Rossington
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Leon Wilkeson
Charlie Daniels
Randall Hall
Billy Powell
Toy Caldwell
and others!


EclecticHillbilly says:

I could be wrong but it looks and sounds like gospel singer Gary Chapman,
to me.

pauldemo05 says:

Wow–thank you for this–how about Billy Powell!

HorticultureShow says:

they didnt have SRV turned up! maaaaaaaan.

lars viklund says:

Toy Caldwell i sad no more

Rebel Rouser says:

Stevie Ray, Tommy Crain, Gary Rossington Toy Caldwell,………FTW!

Curtis Linder says:

who comes in at the 5 min. mark please?

Bill Taylor says:

Charlie Daniels, Billy Powell, SRV, Toy Calwell, Gary Rossington. Tom
Crain, Leon Wilkeson, Taz, and who knows who else……….
unbelievable……… friggin’ unbelievable…….. Is this out on DVD?

Stan Williams says:

GREAT Video!

AHymn aWeek says:

You are correct. One of my favorite all-time on-stage moments. RIP to all
of those who were on stage that night who have moved on. G

budman6565 says:

Gary R and SRV standing side by side! Thanks a million for posting!!!

LynSkyn1981 says:

To Me seeing Leon Wilkeson and Stevie Ray together on one stage is so

Дмитрий Литвиненко says:
rebelrowe says:

who is doing the opening vocals?

chompy21921 says:

My cousin played on one of the southern rock super tours in the 90s they
also played southern rock woodstock first time i played onstage was with
those guys its so cool to jam with cats that played with artemis pyle and
members of molly hatchet

gman3157 says:

Neither Toy nor Tommy Crain ever got their due, 2 of the greatest
guitarists to ever play!!

Francisco Ramos says:
ajgreenleigh says:

So many of those legends gone…. RIP

Ponch Wanczyk says:

Excellent, classic jam!!

Scott Putzier says:

It don’t get any than this. 

oeddie99 says:

RIP Taz and Tommy Crain

Stan Williams says:

Another friend of Mine Donnie Winters is onstage in this video, he has
played at several of Charlie Daniels Jams

Kurt Knutsen says:

Need good old boy jams.

TheCobbenEmpire says:

Toy Caldwell, Leon, Gary, and all the others on that stage make any other
music cry and go home.

wozjj says:

3 skynyrds on stage !!!

Donnie D says:

that’s the way it was when I was a kid!!!!!!!

rebelrecording says:

who the hell told gary he could leave the childrens table to play with the
big boys!!!!!!!???!!!!!

wozjj says:

4 skynyrds if you count randall hall…

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