“Lend a Helping Hand.” Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Lynyrd Skynyrd “Lend A Helping Hand” from the album
Skynyrd’s First… The Complete Muscle Shoals Sessions.

TRMUSICPROMOTIONS.UMG. Muscle Shoals Studios 1972. In 1970, Van Zant sought a new name. “One Percent” and “The Noble Five” were each considered before the group settled on “Leonard Skinnerd”, a mocking tribute to a physical-education teacher. The band continued to perform throughout the South in the early 1970s, further developing their hard-driving, blues-rock sound and image, and experimenting with making studio recordings.

During this time, they went through a number of member changes, with Van Zant, Collins and Rossington remaining the only constants. Burns and Junstrom left the band, and were briefly replaced by Rickey Medlocke on drums and Greg Walker on bass. In 1971, with this lineup, they made some recordings at the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. By the time they made a second round of Muscle Shoals recordings in 1972, Burns had rejoined the band and Leon Wilkeson had become Larry Junstrom’s permanent replacement on bass, with Medlocke and Walker having left to play with the southern rock band Blackfoot. Around this time, the band occasionally played shows with both Burns and Medlocke participating, utilizing a dual-drummer approach similar to that of The Allman Brothers. Also in 1972, roadie Billy Powell became the keyboardist for the band.


lsunationalchamps08 says:

Awesome video and awesome song..Thanks for doing this for all the real
Skynyrd fans!

Christian Sack says:

They need a lynyrd skynyrd xm radio station!

imexru2 says:

Outstanding. I’ve always loved this song.

harajukugirlloveandG says:

the one and only ALLEN COLLINS!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Stanton says:

Great tune that never got the air time it should have.

1962jbk says:

NOBODY could solo like Allen Collins!!

upton parka says:

if i had to go to a desert island with one skynyrd tune,this would be the
one..a hidden gem.

mrkemeeks says:

kickin tune

Southernborn761 says:

Jakson”ThunderFoot”Spires really formed BlackFoot. Spires wrote all the
songs. But Rickey did join them In the early days of forming BlackFoot. RVZ
had already offered Spires a spot opening for LS before Medlocke joined.
Johnny was given the same offer. Both bands were 5 short months into there
1st tour ever. For the LSB. Johnny & Rickey are no more than hire hands.
Everyone except Gary is a hired hand..

Thomas TE Richmond says:

I have muscle shoals which some of those recorded songs went on the first
and last record. and one went on the street survivors record.

nuthinfancy49 says:

always loved the solo in this song. not sure who played it – Allen Collins?

SpecterGT500 says:

Your so full of $hit Southernborn…. Johnny does a great job, BUT he
doesn’t hold a candle next to his brother RVZ. Ronnie was the brains the
drive the hard handed force. Medlocke is a good drummer,he played on a few
tracks on the MS tapes period…. He went on to form Blackfoot. NO WAY
shape or form would he ever take credit for forming the one % or the Noble
5. Take your BS elsewhere.

Thomas TE Richmond says:

@NeonAngel1997 Thanks for the comment , by the way i like the way you
simplified your channel this time, very cool. Love ya – T xx

pjdeb16 says:

U dont like this song u have serious problems lend a helping hand when
somones dwn an out skynerd lives on pj graninger

TheMoore121 says:

That would be an ironic tune on a desert island

william cerankowski says:

before its time the world is now what

Thomas TE Richmond says:

@keyholder02 I really appreciate your comment .. humor and common sense go
hand in hand! Life itself is not meant to be taken lightly but not
seriously either. Ronnie was always there for his friends , through little
league up until his death.

Thomas TE Richmond says:

@lsunationalchamps08 no problem 🙂 I enjoyed making it not just for myself
a die hard Skynyrd fan but for you as well. Your welcome!

accusationChair says:

love the lesser known tunes

Thomas TE Richmond says:

yeh , I’m looking at my record now , there’s a few off of first and ..last
that hadn’t gotten any airplay . thanks for the comment.

nigatta says:


wildcelt100 says:

If it could only be like that.

Bridget Bowie says:

they are my favorite southren rock band. i saw them (with johnny van zandt,
or course) in 2207 before billy died and me father saw the original line up

lauraliza4 says:

simplement, plus que beau….

catchinbass86 says:

So true one of their best.

cudaj2 says:

Thanks for posting this, great and unfortunately little heard classic. I
also love the rare early pics in your vid, where did you find them?
Outstanding tribute vid!

dog knd says:

perfect song in every way

cudaj2 says:

Well said my man!!! GRRREEEAATTT minds always think alike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1962jbk says:

Wow dude. The plane crash was 35+ years ago. You really need to get over it
and give up this crusade you’re on. I’ve been listening to JVZ since the
late ’70’s and I have never, NEVER, heard him even HINT that he thought he
was better than Ronnie. Quite the contrary, he’s always said that RVZ was
the best. It’s heartbreaking, but Ronnie won’t be stepping out on stage
anymore. We true Skynyrd fans will take what we can get.

Southernborn761 says:

Rickey did record at MS.When Bob Burns was sick with the Flu and unable to
play. Ronnie called Rickey to play.They needed him!! Ronnie also made sure
Rickey got CREDIT onThe albumCover ashe should.LS did 6 shows with a double
drum setup.RVZ sent Rickey bk to Jax.Johnny&Rickey are talented people.Just
not LS kind of Talent.LS was the strongest R&R band ever.Now OPENING for
KidRock or a country tour.Who should be proud of this?LS opening days were
long behind them.RVZ wouldnt be proud of this Band

bigcitykitty says:

every time that you feed your face, do you bow your head? hunger kills each
and every day, wont you share your bread? amazing lyrics and song. can you
still get the muscle shoals sessions or first and last?

Ronald Scrog says:

Nothin like some old Skynyrd, every single song on every single Lynyrd
Skynyrd album, is a classic, not one bad song ever,1973-77 So cool to see
other Skynyrd fans out their too, leaving comments showing your love for
the best Dam Southern Rock Band ever.

lsunationalchamps08 says:

@tmobil8 Great job. I’m a die hard Skynyrd fan too..love everything they
ever did (until 1977)…good stuff after but it wasn’t true Lynyrd Skynyrd
without Ronnie.

Warren Kroll says:

a true skynyrd fan rolls with the changes the music is about life and these
things happen johnnys awsome and id rather have that then no skynyd at all
count your blessing man from where i come from die hard is forever

Charles Chadbourne says:

Gotta Love the real Skynyrd fans!!!!!! I’m there

Marc Lewis says:

That slide show put a tear in my eye. Gone but never forgotten. Not just
your favorite southern rock band,but the only southern rock band.

nuthinfancy49 says:

Yep always thought it was him. Thnx

Thomas TE Richmond says:

@roofermarc1 I appreciate the comments, so true, yes this one is special
one glad you like it 🙂

1962jbk says:

Me too. Not sure, but it sounds more like Allen than Gary to me.

kim willis says:

this is how it should b four everbody just lik ronnie said cause he damm
well knew what he was talking about right r wrong

msdj1100 says:

I agree –Early is TRUE SKYNYRD….Love it all and thanks for the early

Whiskey River says:

Have a rockin day friends!

simon casson says:

Class tune, oft-forgotten, highly under-rated. Great post! Wish LS would do
this today…

Chad Thomas says:

wow rip we lo and miss yo

Chad Thomas says:

all i can say is WOWWWWWWWWWWW ccgypsy

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