Les Dudek “Sad Clown” – Southern Rock

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Les Dudek - Skynyrd.com

Nice to see this old Les Dudek track pop up. Hadn't heard any of this for quite awhile. If you're not familiar with Les Dudek, do yourself a favor and check him out. He has quite the musical and Southern Rock pedigree. And the albums he did and music he made is just really good.

I had the privilege of working production on a few shows with Mr Dudek at the Freebird Cafe in Jacksonville, FL. Got to sit at the bar, talk and have a few drinks. He tells really good stories. Here he is on a track from his self-titled album and he has the usual suspects from the top of the line west coast studio cats:
Les Dudek: vocals & guitars
Jeff Porcaro: drums
Gérald Johnson: bass
David Paich: piano & organ
Maxine Green, Pepper Swenson, Jeri Stevens: background vocals
Jim Hughart: bass
David Hungate: bass


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