Lynard Skynard – Simple Man

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“Simple Man” album track from Pronounced ‘Leh-‘Nérd ‘Skin-‘Nérd (1973).


pigbenis201 says:

“Forget your lust, for the rich man’s gold. All that you need, is in your
soul.” Some of the best lyrics ever sung, or written.

Melissa Stewart says:

masterpiece…dedicated to my only son,that he may be a “simple man”

Xavier Corena says:

What a masterpiece. The simplicity of this song makes you understand a huge
complexity in life. :]

redshaftedflicker says:

one of the greatest songs ever written.

Kabul81 says:

Allen Collins awesome riffs! Jman

Elijah Jenkinas says:

The only kind of man u should be

alex kick says:

this was my bestfriends song before he died in a fire. miss ya man.

skynyrdrebellion says:

You’ve spelt their name wrong and it says it on the cover

Lori Vance says:

I send s shout out to my one and only son. All I want for you is to
understand this song. That’s all u need

John Rowell says:

Pronounce it
Don’t Spell if

green95gt says:

why oh why doesn’t anyone write lyrics like this anymore?!

TGTG DeerSlayer says:

This song is fuckin Awsome 

DizzyStar Rhodd says:

Such a beautiful song :3 ;-; 

Jack Choe says:

Living here in Korea ,Koreans just dont fucking get it

Dub Banichar says:

I loved this group!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Whitaker says:

This song is so alsome and brings memories

Miguel Martinez says:

Probably one of the best songs!!

ogrebattle22763 says:

Goddamn Ronnie pours all of his heart into this song… they just don’t do

Russell Jansen says:

I love this song so much, its amazing

darrquemannxt says:

Love this song with the Bass boosted!
OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April Morrow says:

To my sons Jeremiah and Travis

Diogo Martins says:

be a simple man

Jamie Scott says:

My favorite song of all time even tho I’m only 26

Snowbird Maintenance says:

Thanks to Matt Simmons for picking the song of the day. Thanks for having
us out to help you with your Laundry box problem. I am glad we were able
to get you taken care of today so you can get the water back on at your
home. This song goes out to everyone that is living the “Snowbird Life”
If you not yet get a hold of us.

Michael Whedbee says:

Great song,always will be

Rob Tyndall says:

To my dear friend Pat Godwin who passed today. RIP brother you will be

sylvia reyes says:
Grave Rose says:

My daddy grew up playing with the van zants in the street, and i grew up
going to ronnies grave every other day. This is shit to live by…..

Sarah Farlow says:

To .my son.andru (6yrs)…….listened to this growing up I’m 27 yrs old
now♥♥♥ #good music

Darklord Jr says:

Love this song it has so much meaning to it

Christel Schmidt says:
Lae a vonn Smith says:

love this song, it still carries value!

louis stevens says:

long live the white man

mpg869 says:

Def one of the best songs of all time. If applies to your life it really
makes a difference

Donna Meyers says:

My sons Marcus & Zakery Latray!

beppe borghi says:

C’ho il vinile……… ;O)

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