Lynyrd Skynyrd Old Grey Whistle Test ( FULL SET)

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Lynyrd Skynyrd  11-11-1975 The Old Grey WhistleTest ( Full Show)

The Old Grey Whistle Test was  British TV Music show that aired from 1071 – 1988. The show focused on “serious” rock music rather chart hits. Lynyrd Skynyrd was on the show in Nov 1975. This is the entire set that they performed on that show.

1. Double Trouble
2. I Ain’t The One
3. Call Me The Breeze
4. Same Old Blues
5. Every Mother’s Son
6. Sweet Home Alabama
7. Free Bird


Marjo Wielinga says:

Southern Rock as I like it.

Dave Austin says:

I actually had the pleasure of being at this concert and clearly remember
Freebird overrunning alloted tv time by 5+ minutes. Superb stuff.

thefinalsolutionall says:

All Hail the Dope King ! Go stuff some more junk up your nose.

Michael Boykin says:

I’ve been listening to these guys since 1973 and I just now realized…
it’s the rhythm section that made it all work. The bass is all day long…

norbit peters says:

Another white-hating (or self-loathing) Lefty P.O.S. RACIST – Hey, your
two-bit, race-baiting dictator wannabe in the White House is calling…Jump
to his voice you SLAVE!

A.F. Campise says:

. . .who is the young gentleman to the left ov Ronnie with the longgg brown
hair….could that be Cassie’s younger brother….Steve…?!!

WhiteAsBread says:

god damn Powell is great XD R.I.P

George McLeod says:

she’s a piece of crap…

bigbigyeti13 says:

“CMTB” is a JJ Cale tune, isn’t it? Great music…

TulsaGirlForever says:

Thx for posting this…ol’ Ronnie was one cool cat. Hell, the music is
timeless, it will never grow old, like us. lol They turned a JJ Cale song
into magic and brought Rock N Roll to a new standard.

R Walsh says:

Much agreed. They are both, 2 of the very best guitarists rock n roll has
ever had.

Ruby Day says:

This is the best Lynard Skynard. The true originals Love it!!!

David Gallant says:

One more from the road is the greatest live rock album of all time ..

Chuck M says:

Just realized Ed King isn’t playing. This must have been recorded after he
left and before Steve Gaines joined the band.

almonzo100 says:

The greatest live on forever. Good to see all the recent posts

MsKevp says:

you’re an idiot, I saw this when it was originally broadcast, and it is
definitely real….

imme98 says:

A bunch of great people

Emerson Christo says:
Tom Dailey says:

All time favorites 

Mark Watson says:
Nini Davis says:

Love that band

SuljeMediaProduction says:

Billy Powell’s piano style still gets me somewhere deep down inside. chills

Jumpin' JAKE Flash says:

Billy Powell and Artimus Pyle are two kick ass/ underrated musicians, in my

bob blinky says:

So So Good…..the BBC is endless with great music…production….

mjls1183 says:

a great set from the band, but i dont think they sound as good as they do
with that third guitarist, be it steve or ed

sn00pgreen says:

saw them that very tour, in bristol,, shame ed wasn’t there, the girls
were, i was twenty one and it was life changing…shame ronnie’s got a cold
here though..some serious music going on around this time but i still love
this band more than any could feel the stage burnin! 

GerryRocks64 says:

Love the setlist. specialy double trouble.

Pileatedwood Pecker says:

you know it would have been beter if Steve was on this, you can tell Ed
king is missing, Steve fit right in with them, he was going places with
them till oct’20~1977, never will forget that night, the next morning it
never did seem real what happen, but like Ronnie said’ he wanted to go died
with his boots on and he did in the south, glad i am from the south,
Nashville,Tn. no place like it, they were on their way here the next week,
people just kelp their tickets.

superfuzzymomma says:

Artimus playing with jazz grip – cool! Great sounding drum kit, always.

tiemyshoes92 says:

“one more boy”

Juan Ferrandiz says:


David Simpson says:


Diane Auriemme says:

I would Do them all ,At least 5 times a day…..

leann lewis says:

Sooooo gooooood! Except the missing guitarist. ♡♥

Phyllis Sockwell says:

Seriously, none better! 


Artimus. Indoors. Still shirtless.

Jim Gadsden says:

I was 13 years old. Smoked my first joint. ROCK ON! I may be old, but this
isn’t! Are you following me darkside780?

Mike Hand says:

Fix you a drink kick your shoes off lay back and listen to some good old
R&R !!!!

Tom White says:

Best Band of The Southland!! 

leann lewis says:

That version of Freebird was amazing! And without the third guitarist! I am
speechless! God! They were great! ♥

Wayne Taylor says:

Best Band Ever!!!

Dale Cleary says:

Old Grey Whistle Test Was a Must. This Was a great Show with
Skynyrd(Original Line Up)

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