Lynyrd Skynyrd – 1976 Knebworth Fair Festival, England

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21 August 1976, Knebworth Fair with 10cc, Hot Tuna, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Don Harrison Band, The Rolling Stones, Todd Rundgren
370,000 people were present at this gigantic show !


Jon Howard says:

Skynyrd somehow gave you this feeling they were both entertaining and
kicking your ass…..while mysteriously enjoying both. They were a great,
great band with a lot of depth and character in their music. 

mocus1 says:

I wish a woman would stick her tongue in my ass.

jan thefan says:

Ah well watchin it again SOUND !

James Townsend says:

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Michael Rushlander says:

how is it that every member of the original skynyrd line-ups were so
f—king cool! if skynyrd was not divinely inspired nothing ever was!

AJ Turtle says:

Then learn from shows like, Roadhouse.

patrick staudt says:

i dont think crosby stills and nash could even touch these southern boys
and back up singers SORRY ccgypsy

Ellis Lejeune says:

What 19 communist faggots could dislike this excellent music ?

Chuck M says:

Wonder if Keith and Ronnie were a little intimidated by having to go on
after a band that featured three outstanding guitarists! 

AJ Turtle says:

I’m surpised these idiots got back in the country? They sure as hell
wouldn’t today!

1i1feat says:

Mick was afraid to go on stage after this performance.

patrick staudt says:

they blew the stones off the stage I think that the stones picked the
wrong band to open for them i watched about one minute of the stones
and had stop watching them Dont get me wrong i love the stones but they
sounded like a bunch of sick puppys they were probably back stage

hunterhaze74 says:

Man, skynyrd was awesome live!!!!!

Sylvain Parchet says:

c s n y is just different

oridio nascimento says:

eu escuto essa banda todos os dias

Michael H says:

take me back .. thanks

Jack Schitt says:

this was a great day, I was there, todd rundgren was also bang on that day,
so good we went to see todd`s eutopia at Salford uni a couple of weeks
later, the stones, well they were ok, but these guy`s from Alabama stole
the show, awsome 

khvt56001 says:

This is sooooo far out of timing!! Not even fun to watch. Any Lynyrd
Skynyrd fan would be unhappy. All the joy with Skynyrd is the live effort
and this does no justice to the band!!

william hall says:

Its wasn’t just about the music it was about an attitude. Ronnie conducted
these guys and they were fine with it. They knew it worked and they were
having a hell of a time doing it. This concert represents a time that is
gone forever! We should only be so lucky to view this when we are feeling
nostalgic. A southern gentleman forever…


Just who the f#ck are the Rolling Stones anyway? 

ROBB21265 says:


aufer21 says:

audio is so screwed up? Is it just me?

Ban Fasso says:

Why the hell didn’t they play Simple Man or Tuesdays Gone? Too sunny out?

sandyRndisco1 says:

I so WISH I could have seen them but I was too young. So sad how it
all ended for this great band. STILL LISTEN TO THEM IN MY CAR!!! Why isn’t
ALLEN COLLINS ever mentioned in the TOP 10 guitarists of all time? To me he
would definitely be in the top 3!

mrhyde2484 says:

Why do so many of the greats die young ? It seems like the odds would be
better. This is Skynyrd, not the tribute band touring and fighting over
money these days.

Jovan Prokopic says:

This concert took place exactly nine days after my birth

Jonathan Shields says:

Anyone know what Ronnie says at 16:17 ?

django r says:

crosby stills nash and young would blow these dudes off the stage!

Ashleigh Ernst says:

i was in the air force at the time…. the stones were pissed off because
skynyrd wasnt supposed to leave the stage .. they walked out on the
tongue as you can see on the video ronnie directed them too… they
f…n blew eveyone away that afternoon… i remember most of it

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