Lynyrd Skynyrd – Austin City Limits

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Skynyrd on Austin City Limits

Lynyrd Skynyrd on Austin City Limits December 1999

When Billy Powell, Leon Wilkeson and Hughie Thomasson were still with us.

 67 minutes log and the Set List includes:

1. Edge Of Forever
2. What s Your Name
3. That Smell
4. Medley Down South Jukin / Needle And The Spoon / Whiskey Rock A Roller / Swamp Music / The Ballad Of Curtis Loew
5. Workin
6. Gimme Three Steps
7. T For Texas
8. Sweet Home Alabama
9. Free Bird


OP Alaraasakka says:

2995 views?? Only?? What is this.. I love Skynyrd

Jb Seamons says:

Thanks for the Skynyrd fix I NEEDED THAT

Michael Rodriguez says:

Really guys…..
Skynyrd with out Ronnie is not.

Mike Piper says:

O cool, 9,910 viewers should kill themselves.

Samantha Johnson says:

I love this show and have the DVD among many others. Only complaint is that
Rickey’s amp needs to be turned up! Even back then, 25 years ago, they are
doing their signature moves! I am soooo glad they still love to do this.
LOVE IT! Love ya Rickey!

Elke Pluntke says:

very good southern stuff … i saw Lynyrd Skynyrd in 2003 here in

Jack Duggan says:

Great stuff !!!!!!!!! I L O V E I T !!!!!

Mark Burns says:

This is good stuff…Ronnie would be proud…I would like to hear Ms. Dale
Krantz Rossington take the lead on a Skynyrd or R&C tune, she is awesome…

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