Lynyrd Skynyrd Bad Boys Blues

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Collectybles -

Lynyrd Skynyrd "Bad Boy Blues" from the Collectybles CD

Skynyrd showing some blues chops from the early days. This and one other track, Hide Your Face, from the "Quinvy Recordings" in 1970 were included on the 2000 compilation release Collectybles.


bryce middleton says:

i thought i had heard just about every Skynyrd song ever but nope. they
still suprise me even to this day. Greatest band of all time. thanks for

beemermad1 says:

im only 22 but obviously theres a lot of skynyrd still to discover, awesome
thanks for the post dude. all the way from nz ­čÖé

Iara Scherer says:

Thanks for sharing this treasure!!!

Tom Campbell says:

I never heard this song by the greatest band before. Thank for posting!

Max Baca says:

oh you can ride on my pony honey for your problems you can use my ear

ed steward says:

Gary Rossington is the only one left from the original lineup in Lynyrd
Skynyrd Today.

Larry Longlegs says:

cool, Jaime thanks for uploading this, first time I have heard it…

Guilherme Cadima says:

This is a music and feeling class

TomRock81 says:

The original Skynyrd could’ve played twinkle twinkle little star and it
would’ve been a fucking masterpiece, that’s just how badass they are.

halesma2 says:

thanks a lot man

southern428 says:

some nice pictures thanks.

turtleheadjones1 says:

You kick ass !! Much love to Jaime !!…Fucking rock on …..

Ian Hodges says:

i thought i heard most all of them this is awsome

daniel t. billings says:

thnx youtube best kick i’ve had all day long,keep up the good work.

windowtinterohio says:

WOW !!! This made my day,on hearing of the shooting at the school in conn.
and may the good loard me with them all !!

jaime elliott says:

I posted this video for all the true die hard skynyrd fans like me….

treblejunkie says:

Memphis is a great song too. Lynyrd Skynyrd never wrote a shitty

Paul Kuhlmann says:

Skynyrd were and are musical masters. The blues prowess they show in both
Mr Banker and Bad Boy Blues is just totally mind blowing. Thanks Jamie for
posting this hidden gem. First time I ever heard it. Classic rock radio
STUFF. It’s all Skynyrd all the way man!!!!!!!!

kjp7324 says:

Charlie D was a writer and wrote a song called Simple Man, Ronnie and
Charlie shared ideas and were brothers! Peace.

sidetractmind says:

Much abliged Miss Jaime….You’re the Greatest

jaime elliott says:

yes blues medley is an awesome tune…just figured bad boys blues was more
of a hidden jewel…i have played this song for friends…they were stunned
when i told them it was ronnie w/ skynyrd playin…

R. Diamond says:

Is Gary the lead singer?

thatdutchguy420 says:

you are my dream woman

TomRock81 says:

God, that’s hot…

treblejunkie says:

Charlie Daniels Band never wrote Simple Man, Lynyrd Skynyrd did.

TheZabaProductions says:

I think this is AWESOME !!! Like from italy ­čśë

Wayne Taylor says:

your a nuuuuby to

BamaFanNumber1 says:

And I am one of those fans, you the man!

alboobooification says:


1962jbk says:

Charlie Daniels wrote a different song with the same name, “Simple Man”.
Not Skynyrd’s, different version altogether. I’m sure it’s on YT somewhere.

daltda78 says:

Thank u for posting! I am a true die hard skynyrd fan! Glad to see another
one out there! ­čśë

jaime elliott says:

So Funny….every expects me to be a MAN!!! In Fact im of the female
persuasion!!! I have grown up listening to Skynyrd I will never not listen
to this band and I will always be looking for hidden treasures and will
share when I do find them

420mrman says:

cdb simple man,nothing cant even touch skynard though

Deborah Bennett says:

woooo they sangin about some southern whore lol opps she be black as s hoot

Thomas Dwyer says:

This is a bad ass tune!´╗┐

tate180 says:

This is just like Blues Medley´╗┐

RnRThunder UrMusic says:

Collectables Album Lordy LordY.´╗┐

brian mcguire says:

ive listened to this band all my life ive never heard thise tune b4>> love
it man´╗┐

Elite59 says:

Love this tune! I wan’t you to satisfy me!´╗┐

B.P. Knapp says:

sweeeeet…best of both worlds…;bout as blues southern rock u eva2find´╗┐

eric parten says:

Sounds good´╗┐

steve fisette says:

sounds like edgar or johnny winter…either way I’m not bitchin lol´╗┐

WVFreebyrd says:

Maybe one of the greatest lines in a song…… “you can ride on my pony
honey, for your bridle you can use my ears”. The first time I heard this
song I just stopped and laughed, backed the CD up to make sure I had heard
it right and just decided that was just reason 1,000 for loving this band.´╗┐

Nasro Elahouel says:
andy rathburn says:


yogi cole says:


Rob McQ says:


Nilgun Ekmek├ži says:
Christophe Zanardi says:

tr├Ęs beau blues classique; je suis fan de skynyrd toutes p├ęriodes
confondues,merci pour le partage´╗┐

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