Lynyrd Skynyrd – complete concert from Winterland 1975

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pinkfloyd091975 says:


Jill Antrobus says:

And I was messin with the needle at that time, AND loving it. Luckily moved
on from that.

Joe M says:

Also, this is not the “original lineup” as Billy Powell is absent for some
reason and Artimus Pyle is on drums.

lightsone2 says:

Saw Skynyrd in Ft. Worth Thanksgiving Night 1975 in the company of three
beautiful women. Fun night!

John Bates says:

Where was Billy Powell ?

Davilo Olivad says:

I can’t think of a better example of a band that played because they were
into making music, first and foremost. No make-up, no pre-rehearsed
synchronized moves, no fancy glittering outfits. Just good feeling,
from-the-heart rock and roll that sounds even better now than it did forty
years ago.

Ken Brownfield says:

The VA actually does a good job for our veterans.

Jamee Smith says:

Love this concert, great sound and presence! Thank you for posting this

Mark Westergreen says:
Clifton Isaacs says:

“Original lineup”? WTF?

Jon Howard says:

That band forevermore cranked out great songs the short time they were
together. They were together, what, 2 1/2 years at the time of this

MrRazorYoung says:


James Baker says:

Straight to my collection
Thank You HVA

ds2jim says:

thanks for posting this video. it’s not the original line-up, though, as
Bob Burns isn’t on drums even though I like Artimus’ playing better. I
watched the whole thing, but did anyone see Billy Powell? he didn’t have
his usual segment in the middle of Free Bird and I didn’t see him anywhere.
again, great video!

Bill Dillon says:

Where was Billy Powell?

Backup218 says:

eddies an Angelino like me born in city of angels. Honestly hes as much of
a rdneck as all of em .And a true bad ass

Mr44fatman says:

“My favorite band always has been always will be” can’t beat the original
line up !!!

mjls1183 says:

seeing this makes me feel even worse about how the band has gone to shit, the current bass player was 7 when pronounced was
released,7 years old, just let that sink in

TheX-666 says:

I was there, and it was amazing.

Jill Antrobus says:

In Atlanta, they’re having a tribute to Skynnard on the anniversary of
their performance of One for the Road, at the arena right before the
crash. I was at the Swampwater Saloon in San Antonio, ladies drink free
Thursday night. A girl was in the bathroom, crying alot, and I stopped to
comfort her. She told me about the crash. My cousin, Kip, a music
afficianado who died of a heart attack in his 40’s, was at the concert in
Atlanta. Other great rock musicians are playing, but I was on my way to
work, getting gas, so you have to look it up to see who was (or will be)
performing in Atlanta soon, lotsa good ones is all I recall. The new
Skynnard band will then perform at the end of the concert. I will pass the
gas, then, if at all possible.

Pablo Pernot says:

Wow. J’adore ed king.
Lynyrd Skynyrd – complete concert from Winterland 1975

Michelle Redlein says:

there is no new skynyrd…Ronnie is BOSS!

Clive Money says:

lynrd skynard one of my favouritef bands.its amazing how they lierally
picked up the pieces and reformed after that tragedy.True legends

Michael Lloyd says:

I saw a version of this concert in Amarillo, TX in Jan 1976. The Outlaws
opened for them…

kennatiousc says:

out of the three surviving members two of them are’nt in the band
anymore.(ed king;and armetius pyle)

CaptainDeluxe1 says:

I was at this show. Billy Powell was out with a badly cut hand. After the
encore a couple of members of the band walked out and addressed the crowd
saying “We’ve played all we know w/o Billy” ….the house lights came up
and the show was over. I believe the MTB opened.

Bo Radish says:

I saw them in ’77 at the Hollywood Palladium and they looked tired.

Jonathan duToit says:

greasy ol’ ed king

t mac says:

that’s ed king on the strat.

B Bradley says:

makes me sad for Allen Collins’ fate.

t mac says:

sorry. i see this has been settled down below. ed king never got any
credit. he came up with most of the early riffs, except freebird. sweet
home alabama, for instance.

dantheglassman642004 says:

Listen to Ed king’s solo in ”Call me the breeze” then listen to Gary
Rosington’s solo. King was KING!

ogrebattle22763 says:

“I’m a Country Boy” is excellent…. 

gibsoneb3 says:

Ed King was so important to this band…

Ignacio Campos says:

What is the first song?

Pablo Pernot says:

Wow. J’adore ed king.
Lynyrd Skynyrd – complete concert from Winterland 1975

Tommy Holt says:

Ed King! I might get beat up over this but I’d much rather see Ed King in
Skynyrd than either Mark Matejka or Rickey Medlocke – truth is, after Ed
had health issues, they wouldn’t let him back in the band.

Michael Lloyd says:

It must be the rainy weather… Music day… I saw these guys in Amarillo,
TX in Jan 1976 🙂 The Outlaws opened for them.

Their chartered plane (A Convair CV-300) crashed in October of ’77 killing
Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines, and Cassie Gaines. :/ There were survivors.

Skynyrd is still around but having grown up listening to Ronnie Van Zant
and Steve Gaines it’s not the same

The link is to the entire concert (at least it says it is. I haven’t
listened to the entire concert yet

stereopolice says:

And the original Lynyrd Skynyrd’s last hit was …. ? 

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