Sweet Home/Don’t Ask -1974

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Second Helping - Skynyrd.com

I'm featuring this video just because it's cool!!

Lynyrd Skynyrd "perfoms" Sweet Home Alabama and Don't Ask Me No Questions from Second Helping in a 1974 video.

It had been a lot time since I'd seen this video. It's grainy and cheesey and they're obviously lip-synching (at the 5:39 mark there's a shot of the kick drum in the background and there's not even a mic on it). But it's very cool to see some footage from so long a go, early in their career and everyone is so young. Enjoy!

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Michael Dean says:

the new skynyrd does not sound nearly as good…johnny just cant sing
perfect like ronnie…the perfect chemistry was lost…

MrBeppe1979 says:

Just amazing!!!

Linda Cote says:

hey thanks for that information. I never knew that. I was upset that after
the crash they kept the original name (once formed again) I thought it more
appropriate that the use just the lynyrd or the skynyrd band but am so glad
things turned out the way they did. awesome loyalty and honor. Ronnies hat
I understand sits on a mic while they play their last tune of each show,
Free Bird.

Corky H. says:

Saw this line-up in 74, again in 76 with Artimus, Steve & Cassie. Was a sad
Oct. day in 77, I do remember that. BUT…..the music & Band lives & plays
on. Tip my cap. Gary has the right to do as he wishes as far as I’m
concerned. He’s earned it.

Terra Firma says:

Our heritage…down here.

Janice Caldwell says:

Best song Ever!!!!!!!

woodstrider5 says:

Ah…early days. Allen Collins on the Firebird, Bob Burns on drums, Ed King

skynyrd fan says:

I hate how people think skynyrd is country music LOL, its honky tonk music
drinking music.

chance501 says:

You saw todays version of Skynyrd, not quite the same as this band here.
JVZ didnt make Lynyrd Skynyrd. Lynyrd Skynyrd name made JVZ

steven smith says:


rbilleaud says:

Looks like someone needs to give Allen Collins a sammich! God, they were
all so skinny back then. Guess the whole starving artist thing was true
before they his the big time.

rocdarjar gm says:

lynyrd skynynd and pink floyd are unbelievable in concert

Deidre Smith says:

I like ” Give me back my bulletts” Love all of Lynard Skynard … My

treblejunkie says:

Steve Gaines was definitely a fantastic player and added just what Lynyrd
Skynyrd needed to get back that three axe attack they’re known for. Steve
was a seasoned musician and Ronnie just loved him it seemed. I don’t even
wanna think of the great music that wouldv’e materialized if the plane
crash never happened. Ed King was a great player too. He really helped
Lynyrd Skynrd rise to power and you can’t say he didn’t. Lynyrd Skynyrd
will live forever. Dia iad buachailli Skynyrd eh.

Vgs Promoter says:

Lip syncing at it`s finest. Whatta great band this was. SOOOO many great
songs. This is what the music of today wishes it was!!!! Lets see Biebbber
or Lady gagme try this!

Dave Collier says:

Its all that. Original live was by far the best concert I ever have seen.

treblejunkie says:

It’s hard to believe how buying an album because I liked the guy giving the
finger and thought it was cool on Nuthin’ Fancy. It was the summer of 1975
in Vancouver when I bought that 1st Skynyrd album. That music changed my
life and so many other folks’ lives as well. They pick me up when I’m
felling blue every single time. Skynyrd is the best addiction I ever
had…and no OD’s.

Sunshine Cassidy says:

Thanks for the great video!! Much appreciated more than you could ever
know… Sunshine ­čśë

treblejunkie says:

You can read my mind eh? You sure got that right.

treblejunkie says:

Hey, I feel exactly the same and some folks FAREEEAK at me cuz of it.
That’s my feeling and nobody will change it. On October 20th 1977 at about
6:45PM is the day the music died…and part of me too. Don’t feel bad about
nuthin’ you said man.

treblejunkie says:

Buddy, I’m just fukin’ kidding. How’d you know my real name was Susan
though? You must be telepathic LT. Extra chromosome girl…I’m still
laughing. Great one LT sir. If it makes you feel better, I’m a homophobe
too. I just can’t wait for your reply on this one. Bottom line Lynyrd
Skynyrd is great…then and now. Take care Lieutenant…nice car by the
way. Sincerely, Suzy.

chance howland says:


Parker Lanier says:

@154rjr makes me mad too. I want to see em play.

Richard Cree says:

This is some early stuff with bob burns and Ed king!!!

Jk Stax says:

Ronnie pure and plain showed Southern &Yankee Rock respect R.V,Z is deeply
remembered and protected with dignity and respect Jim like the rest of us
are all riders on same bus/ ? yourself ride or run.

jebro says:

LS is always on my playlist!´╗┐

Green River says:

Great songs, i love that guitar sound´╗┐

Leana Faith says:

Ronnie van zant before the hat´╗┐

ridge rd says:

Skynyrd died with Ronnie Van Zant and should of been done when Allen
Collins past away there music was so much better with the original members´╗┐

Lake Baikal says:

HHHHHottttt :)´╗┐

Pawel Michaliszyn says:

my beloved Band ..

of course OLD SKYNYRD´╗┐

Whiskey River says:

Good morning friends.Here is some classic Skynyrd to get ya day going!´╗┐

Christiantodd1 says:

I’m not saying I don’t like the new Skynyrd. They are all fantastic
musicians, and Rickey Medlocke is most definitely an integral part of the
early history of Lynyrd Skynyrd. What I am saying though, is that if Ronnie
Van Zant were alive today, he would punch Gary Rossington square between
the eyes, and probably his brother too.´╗┐

MsOldGregg says:

Loving this early footage.´╗┐

Toussirt Abderrahmane says:
simon casson says:

Great post – rough round the edges but real… ´╗┐

Charles Pape says:

You do realize both songs are NOT live, lip-sync.´╗┐

Colette McKinney says:

Stars and bars forever´╗┐

Tommy Haynes says:

Wow , never seen this very early Skynyrd video before that includes Bob
Burns on drums and Ed King on guitar. Unfortunately the camera work is
stupid,But nonetheless I really enjoyed it.´╗┐

Harriet Thornton says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Don’t Ask Me No Questions / Sweet Home Alaba´╗┐

sergy che says:


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