Lynyrd Skynyrd Every Mother’s Son (Live)

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Lynyrd Skynyrd Every Mother’s Son Live 1975

From The Old Grey Whistle Test

Every Mother’s Son was the second cut on side one of Skynyrd’s 1976 album Gimme Back My Bullets.


Teresa Jo Huffstutler says:
holly kindred says:

listen to the words

Nikolay Strahov says:
Szilveszter Gyalog says:
Glenn Horne says:

I’m hearing this for the 1st time. Nearly 40 years old and brilliant!

Adrian Garcia says:
Joseph Roos says:

Such talent wow love it .

diana irizarry says:
Ronald Wonders says:

I love skynyrd. Gary you still have the talent. Ronnie, Allen, Leon, Billy,
Steve, Cassy Fly On Free Birds.

Vickie Lynne says:

thank you so much for sharing this video …more proof of why Ronnie will
always be the legend ..him and him alone

Elisangela says:

I’ll finish it for you some Skynyrd! Although he would drigasee, I think he has a lovely voice. He doesn’t sing much though- not anything that most humans would consider a normal’ song anyway. We sing lots of silly, made-up songs everyday, but he has yet to break into anything traditional. (Though I have a recording of him singing and playing guitar that is just beautiful!)The Welsh are a vocally talented people in general, certainly. You could also say Rugby is a bit of a Welsh rite of passage too. Neil, like every other Welsh boy, played a bit of it growing up.

cfc Madden says:

Thought a would need find me old iPod had full album haha

Darlene Komeak says:

For my son

TheThepostie says:

best live version of there songs are on the old grey whistle test, immense

Chad Thomas says:

you are some mothers son and what a lucky mothers they were must have
done something right music was in their BLOOD

diskerdan says:

ask me about my oedipus complex.

Ryan Nee says:

Love this tune!

Michael Renson says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Every Mother’s Son (Live 1975):

Kurt Knutsen says:

Best song ever still!

diskerdan says:

I had loving moments with my mother to this song so many times. My best
memories.I love my Mother.

Mike Hand says:

Every Mother’s Son ( Live ) Rare 

Daniel F. says:

Why wasn’t this a hit song? Because they were unfairly judged as redneck
racists. The main stream sure missed on that one. Skynyrd was the greatest
rock band ever!

B Pope says:

Heavenly :)

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