Lynyrd Skynyrd Every Mother’s Son (Live)

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Teresa Jo Huffstutler says:
holly kindred says:

listen to the words

Nikolay Strahov says:
Szilveszter Gyalog says:
Glenn Horne says:

I’m hearing this for the 1st time. Nearly 40 years old and brilliant!

Adrian Garcia says:
Joseph Roos says:

Such talent wow love it .

diana irizarry says:
Ronald Wonders says:

I love skynyrd. Gary you still have the talent. Ronnie, Allen, Leon, Billy,
Steve, Cassy Fly On Free Birds.

Vickie Lynne says:

thank you so much for sharing this video …more proof of why Ronnie will
always be the legend ..him and him alone

Elisangela says:

I’ll finish it for you some Skynyrd! Although he would drigasee, I think he has a lovely voice. He doesn’t sing much though- not anything that most humans would consider a normal’ song anyway. We sing lots of silly, made-up songs everyday, but he has yet to break into anything traditional. (Though I have a recording of him singing and playing guitar that is just beautiful!)The Welsh are a vocally talented people in general, certainly. You could also say Rugby is a bit of a Welsh rite of passage too. Neil, like every other Welsh boy, played a bit of it growing up.

cfc Madden says:

Thought a would need find me old iPod had full album haha

Darlene Komeak says:

For my son

TheThepostie says:

best live version of there songs are on the old grey whistle test, immense

Chad Thomas says:

you are some mothers son and what a lucky mothers they were must have
done something right music was in their BLOOD

diskerdan says:

ask me about my oedipus complex.

Ryan Nee says:

Love this tune!

Michael Renson says:

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Every Mother’s Son (Live 1975):

Kurt Knutsen says:

Best song ever still!

diskerdan says:

I had loving moments with my mother to this song so many times. My best
memories.I love my Mother.

Mike Hand says:

Every Mother’s Son ( Live ) Rare 

Daniel F. says:

Why wasn’t this a hit song? Because they were unfairly judged as redneck
racists. The main stream sure missed on that one. Skynyrd was the greatest
rock band ever!

B Pope says:

Heavenly :)

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