Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird

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Lynyrd Skynyrd

Free Bird
Hamburg, Germany
December 5th, 1974

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Ronnie Van Zant – vocal
Ed King – Gibson SG
Gary Rossington – Gibson SG
Allen Collins – Gibson Thunderbird
Leon Wilkeson – 1952 Fender Telecaster Bass
Billy Powell – piano
Bob Burns – drums


Bill Mumford says:

Gary is an amazing slide player here, did he also do the curtis loew parts?

Bradley Smith says:

Check out Ed King’s face from 08:55 to 08:57… That is an “OH Face” if
I’ve ever seen one. ***That is just an observation. I have played guitar
for 15 years and I know it’s because he is feeling the music)*** Wow… It
is pretty sad that whenever I post a comment on Youtube I feel like I have
to also leave an explanation or a justification for why I said it and what
I meant. Otherwise I run the risk of some smart ass coming along and
starting an argument. Don’t you hate that crap?

MartyCohen says:

Allens playing a “Firebird” not a “Thunderbird”

Tony Beazley says:

@rotagen5 Ed King did Curtis Loew….

Preacher Stone says:

Bob still has it! We had a great time playing some LS tunes with him the
past few shows! Great seeing him on this perform during those early years.
Marty, ,Preacher Stone

you2gotacookie says:

Too bad Ed King had to ruin Allen’s solo by playing all that freakin’ noise
at the end. That was painful to listen to.

hayhaymanhay says:

everytime I hear the guitar solos, I air guitar the crap out of myself.
Love this solo

frankothemountain says:

Everyone gets down on Ed, but every band has to have a mad genius. Hate to
tell you, but that would be Ed. The whole thing is noise…..beautiful
rock&roll noise you idiot.

Snagglefratz says:

If there’s a rock and roll heaven you know they have one hell of a band.
Great jam.. thanks for posting.

Cousin Figel says:

This is great to see. R.I.P.,Mr. Ronnie VanZant, Allen Collins,Leon
Wilkerson, Billy Powell, Steve Gains, Cassie Gains, Dean Kilpatrick, Mr. &
Mrs. VanZant, Bernice Rossington, Leonard Skinner,Hughie Thomasson, Ean,
And to the two Stupid Ass Pilot & Co- Pilot who dumped the fuel in the
Plane instead of putting it into the Good running Engine,ROT IN

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