Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird (cover)

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This is one I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and finally got round to recording it. This was picked out by ear once again so please don’t ask me for tabs, sure there all over the web anyways. It isn’t note for note but it’s a cover after all so theres a few little licks in here that I just put in on the spot, Why not eh 😉



eladmardi2 says:

wow thats unreel all your videos are

fors4kenlost says:

@sexmachine5994 your son is one badass at the guitar! you did a fine job at
raising a rockstar like him!

niv cohen says:

in one word: perfect

Mark Lindroth says:

you are freaking awesome. The Best! Man!

samjjak says:


Taran Vair says:

I’m a death metal guitarist and it was good, too bad for the people who
play and enjoy this music though, that scene is pretty much dead.

Nicholas Southard says:

Please check my cover out. My first youtube video.

Dani Alvarez says:


sexmachine5994 says:

Well done Son – The dogs bollocks as usual – Please become famous then I
can buy tickets to see you & drink beer – Dad x

tommy ticklefrog says:

i mean to milky

Vince Nogueira says:

the pinch harmonic at 6:38 was perfect

pixistar89 says:

Love it 🙂 x

RichLesPaull says:

Lovin the guitar, got exactly the same colours, on my LP great cover,
sounded perfect

john alocelja says:

wow, very nice 🙂 so smooth.

Cellars1978 says:

One of my favourite songs and you have a good ear and great talent :)) Nice
one :)) Thumbs up

djlcruze says:

It’s missing a lot on the slide part, but overall..pretty darn good my

Jadon Isaac says:


Gabriel Bruno says:

it’s called slide,is used to make the sound more fluent!i hope that helped!

Steve Parkinson says:

bang on son . 😉

hugo reyes says:

black beauty!!!! nice work dude!!!!!!!!!

howtodohelp says:

and the break you make at 6:38 is so nice !! anyway 6:40 best part !

Mihail Mircevski says:


thomas allen says:

this song is a total face melter Rock on man

GuitarTECH100 says:

Hey guys I love this song!! Check out my cover!! :)

moparkid95 says:

That my friends is how a good ol boy gets it done! Amazing job brother!

Mario Hanna says:

awesome job on the solo dude, am just starting to learn this, hopefully i
can make sound similar to you :)

Евгений Прохоров says:

Fuckin American Professional :))

sychojake3 says:

my opinion free bird is the single best song ever written!!!!!!

Brad James says:

bad fucking ass!

simon casson says:

Heard a “kill-pick” @ 6:38-40 – monster job, a tip of the hat!

Josef Vyšata says:

ouu my god ….alan is back .. friend you are best !!

simon casson says:

I jest put $10 bucks in your geetar-case boy!

override83 says:

friggin badass rockin cover man!
Just earned yourself a subscriber.

Alberto Fabris says:


Joey Huab says:

Damn epic solo!

SG Gamer says:

Boa cara :)

cory dwane says:

cold chills nice playing bro

Vince Lombardi says:

Nice tone!!

Wesley H says:

what guitar is that?

Seno Aji Nugroho says:

damn!!!!!! that’s was cool man!!! you must make the toturial video i want
learn it!!!

Victor Augusto says:

this is amazing man !!

Airtrooper719 XBL says:

Is that Peavey Revalver III your running on the laptop? Absolutely
fantastic cover btw enjoyed every second of the solo!!!

Genome Light says:

Wow nice skills, love the cover man keep it up

James61B says:

If you are not making money with that ability no one can. Brilliant young
man **

Tommy Gallagher says:

damn for the longest time i thought this solo would be too hard to play but
seeing how its basically just a couple pentatonic shapes makes it seem very
doable. good video man

PoWer MAN says:

excelente cover loco !!

AlvinWas NeverHere says:

what effects did you use to make ur guitar sound like there are 2 guys
playing at once when the solo kicks in?

kylebronco says:

What’s on his finger? By the way I’m not very guitar savvy.

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