Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird live Oakland 1977

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Best song von Lynyrd Skynyrd !! Recorded live at the Oakland Coliseum Stadium (Oakland, CA) Jul 2, 1977 “Day On The Green”


Tracy Murray says:

OMG I cant believe I found this:) I was there and will never forget!! It
was so awesome….

michelle botu says:

we snuck in a case of michalob irolled up in a sleeping shook
the bag,not one bottle touched another,he handed it back to my girl friend
and a way we went,anybody from campbell calif.should remember,originals

Jack Lastname says:

I cannot believe I found this video.What a great concert Skynyrd rocked. I
was there…still have the ticket stub.

Gazman011969 says:

How can two people not like this? Heck, I had to force myself not to stand
up and clap at the end of it!

Jorge JB says:

SO DAMN AWESOME! The year I was bor… 36 years ago…

tommyholli says:

lords know i cant change

potoka12 says:

I was there with Luis and Pepe gomez best convert ever!!!!

Matthew Buttaro says:


Jack Lastname says:

Thanks for posting this

Michael Norton says:

I WAS THERE!!!!!! Awesome Concert!!!!!!

Stina Aurelia says:

Oh my good God!!! This song & concert performance has been one of my faves
since I was a kid. This is a perfect video. The video quality is awesome
compared to others on YouTube. The sound is perfect. The length is perfect.
This is one of the best performances and the best audiences ever in the
history of mankind! 🙂 Thank you so much for this video.

woodstrider5 says:

Love it! Such a great performance of this song. Look closely starting at
the 9:26 minute. Watch as Leon gets ready to jump with Allen at 9:31. That
just tickles me. All that energy. Rock ‘n roll!

rosemoonwolf says:

Who the hell else would park a can of Bud on top a Baby Steinway? These
guys were so real it makes you ache for time past.

peter sideris says:

A band that sounded great live..even better than their great studio sound.
So much musical talent.

Thomas Lefebvre says:

i wuold kill to had lived in this decade.


Thank God for Lynyrd Skynyrd, video cameras, and recording equipment, and
electric guitars!!!!! What a great day that was……


Who the fuck are the Rolling Stones anyway???

Jack Lastname says:

Thanks S.M…. I am lucky! I have 19 & 21 y.o.Non criminal,Non drug using
sons,that like rock music…

Lawrence Sactor says:

+กฤษศักดิ์ จินดาดี เบียร์เย็นๆซักขวดถ้าจะดี…


Dave Cole says:

I was there too. If I remember right, it was Skynyrd, Frampton, Santana,
and the Outlaws. What a concert!

Forrest George says:


Vicki Anders says:

I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Smith says:

The ratio of hot chicks to dudes at this show must have been five to one,
and they were all down front!

Privacy Guru says:

an OBAMACARE commercial before we get to watch this video !
Bullshit !

jeff johnson says:

i was there!

Barbara Harris says:

I was there!

schewterer says:

I was NOT there. Wish I was.

Barbara Harris says:

Sadly October 20th of that year was their plane crash and lost one of the
best bands. Just glad I was able to see them a few times before. Saw them
at the cow palace in SF as a opening band for Marshall Tucker(I think) and
blew them away! Thats when Sweet Home Alabama was their first good song.
Great memories with this band.

Daddyo94521 says:

I was there. 

Robert B says:

goodnight folks!

Steve Konrad says:

This band was by far my favorite through out my high school days and early
twenty’s.Still gives me goose bumps.

leann lewis says:

I love the end of this. People just passing one around! Skynyrd was the

Karen Butler says:

I was there!! Best concert ever, they stole the show for sure!

crawdad5150 says:

Everybody who was at this concert is at least 50 years old now.

Shovelhead74AMF says:

Oh yea ! I am another survivor, was there in body but my mind was

Jean Jeanie says:

I saw the last concert they were all still alive in. We heard about the
plane crash on the way back home from the concert. It was the end of them
as we new them And I remember Freebird lasted forever that day…

k tornstrom says:

my 20th birthday long live skynyrg

Heros Estrada says:

this song light my soul yeah!

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