Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gifted Hands

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dedicated to my girlfriend


boneboy143 says:

r.i.p billy powell

M. Bezak says:

God and Guns are best Lynyrd Skynyrd album for me



saints25241 says:

Love this song

uios47 says:

More country than rock still good

Airsoftslave says:

lol your funny i make money 24/7 so fuck you

bbouch111 says:

oh that slide!

Constantine Tvalashvili says:

beautiful solo. simple and short <3

dutchsouthernrockfan says:

this song reminds me of my dead neighbour, he was kind of replacing my
grandparents wich live far away from us.

parsonsclubmarket says:

” That Cross we bear is in the air ” I know He’s here He’s everywhere!

EpicTG says:

R.I.P. Billy Powell. This is a perfect tribute to him and a great tune.

danzo0991 says:

awesome uploads man thanks, God Bless!

nolimitracing51 says:

I can’t get this song out of my head, It’s been 15 very long years without
my Brother.. That DAY is not far away, I guess the good lord is making sure
I’m paying attention.. I’m awake & I’m always paying attention when it
comes to my Bro.. We came into this world together & should have left
together.. But someone had to stay behind to take care of mom & brigman.. I
guess I was the lucky one & THANKS Skynyrd for the AWESOME song..R.I.P
Piano Man..

njrun says:

billy was the best

raycookguitar3 says:

RIP Billy Powell!

ChildrenOfBodom420 says:

this song is LYNYRD SKYNYRD 100%

Terri Browning says:

love this song!!! the solo is badass!!!

Airsoftslave says:

@flargmuffin92 My deepest condolences to you and your famly brother, take
care. Tx

1953Freebird says:

Going to see Skynyrd tonight its going to be strange and sad not seeing
Billy up there pounding those keys

mikemik712 says:

RIP Billy!!!

ZitherBeast says:

@flargmuffin92 … just food for thought flargmuffin92(and my condolences
also) neither of my Grandfathers were alive when I was born, I never even
had that chance. If your grandfather was a great man, make sure you cherish
every single memory, sad, but like I said, I never got that chance too…..
I LOVE LYNYRD SKYNYRD!!!!! It’s my personal Honor to be born a SOURTHERN

Mony Dio says:

cool song

Stefan Hoffmann says:
jo dovale says:

we like this song ?!

Caio Rosin says:


Dan Fisher Fisher says:

Billy, the new guy Peter Keys is doing a good job., but you are realy

jamila Karam says:

amazing song

Bryan Allen says:

After I first heard this, I went on out & bought myself a piano & am self
teaching myself how to play it. We miss ya so much Billy & Ean. Peter Keys
is doing a great job in help keeping the music alive. But we still love &
miss you guys.

Carl tucker jr says:

;-)) your gift may just be my blessing ; keep looking i found you my hugs !

Lucy G. Izquierdo says:

Tenham uma linda noite!!!

Está música é linda!!!!

Lucy G. Izquierdo says:

Tenham uma linda noite!!!

Está música é linda!!!!

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